NBA 2K23 player clowned as leaked DMs exposes them flexing stacks of cash

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An NBA 2K23 player was brutally roasted after smack talk in the DMs led to them flexing a stack of cash at the other 2K player.

NBA 2K matches can get fairly heated, especially between two players who take the annual basketball sim quite seriously.

Whether it’s on the blacktop with your MyPlayer, or just in Play Now mode pitting two teams against each other, 2K can get the smack talk going.

During a recent 2K match, one player smack-talked the other, which led to a fairly embarrassing moment.

User skylarbrazy posted to the NBA 2K subreddit page direct messages between them and a fellow 2K player they had just gone up against.

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In the DM, Skylar told the other player “You’re weak.” They replied with a picture of them holding a handful of $20 bills, attached with crying laughing emojis and a message that read, “Make sure your boss pays you on time this week.”

Skylar titled the post, “You tell a motherfuck*r they suck at 2K and they wanna start comparing bank accounts.”

The post went viral on the 2K subreddit, nearing 300 comments in just under a day after being posted.

In the comment section, fellow 2K fans cracked up at the thought of sending your opponent a picture of your money for bragging rights about a video game.

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“If you’re flexing cash you don’t have real money,” one player said,

Another added, “You’re equally as bad. The toxicity of this community is off the charts. I’d be willing to bet you both suck.”

Even if you consider both parties involved to be losers at the end of the day, they did come together to create one hilarious moment.