NBA 2K23 player “breaks” game after insane performance from Anthony Davis

Lawrence Scotti
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An NBA 2K23 player thinks they may have broken the game after racking up an insane amount of points with superstar player Anthony Davis.

While Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis is a hardcore gamer, it’s important to not forget he’s also one of the most dominant players in the NBA.

An NBA 2K23 player used Davis’ ability to dunk the ball to rack up an absurd amount of assists, nearly breaking the game in the process.

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LeBron James and Anthony Davis won the 2020 NBA Championship together.

NBA 2K23 player abuses Anthony Davis to get 66 assists

Reddit user Ok-Condition5709 uploaded a video to NBA 2K subreddit showing that they gained over 88,000 playmaking badge points in a single MyCareer game.

The animation of the badge boosting up points took what felt like forever to conclude, and when the screen zoomed back, revealed the 2K player had landed 66 assists in just a single game.

They also managed to notch 5,000 defense and rebounding badge points in the same game as well.

In the comment section, Condition explained that they tossed lob passes to Anthony Davis all game, who finished with 92 points himself.

With players looking for ways to grind VC and rank up their badges, this method is a decent one for those who don’t want to drop tons of money on the basketball sim.

Make sure to put your MyPlayer on a team that actually has a star player, as it’ll be harder to set up teammates for a score if you’re on the Utah Jazz as opposed to the Los Angeles Lakers.