NBA 2K23 player blasted for making Andrew Tate & Jeffrey Dahmer in-game

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NBA 2K23 players were stunned when a player online put Jeffrey Dahmer and Andrew Tate onto their NBA 2K squad.

NBA 2K23 players are known for pulling some wild and crazy stunts online, often going viral for catching an insane glitch or losing it at MyPlayer teammates.

However, none have truly outraged fans as much as one NBA 2K23 player did when they put one of the most notorious serial killers on his online team, along with an extremely controversial figure on the internet in what seems like an attempt to aggravate their opponents.

NBA 2K23 player puts Jeffrey Dahmer & Andrew Tate on their team

On October 25 Reddit user Beautiful-Safe4974 posted to the NBA 2K subreddit a post-game scoreboard of a team with Jeffrey Dahmer on it. Their post was titled, “You People Sick In The Community.”

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The player had recreated Dahmer’s wispy blonde hair and light facial hair and was taking shots almost exclusively with them, scoring 54 points in just 17 minutes. They even put Dahmer on his hometown team, the Milwaukee Bucks.

Just below him was a player named. “A. Tate,” which people believe is Andrew Tate.

One user in the comment section claimed they weren’t surprised and said, “Not surprised after seeing women on TikTok say they are attracted to the fool.”

Another was completely outraged, “This is what most serial killers want, and with people giving this sick monster attention, this is what is going to fuel the next generation of serial killers. This sh*t is just as dumb as using a school shooter’s name, it’s not funny, it’s corny and unoriginal.”

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Clearly, even for NBA 2K players who have seen players do some wild things over the years, this crossed the line.