NBA 2K23 player convinced ‘stalker’ is trying to steal his girl on MyCareer

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Since an unspecified man has been sitting courtside with their MyCareer love interest, one NBA 2K23 fan thinks someone’s “creeping on” their girlfriend.

NBA 2K users aren’t too happy with much of the content in this year’s MyCareer mode. Unwanted features such as skateboarding-related missions have dampened the experience for some.

The background romance hasn’t been well received either, especially since most NBA 2K players simply want to play ball.

But it seems one fan, in particular, is getting a little protective of their in-game love interest. And it’s all thanks to a pretty amusing misunderstanding.

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NBA 2K23 fan spots someone “creeping on” their MyCareer girl

Reddit user Fyodor_Dostoyevskeet has called attention to a presumed NBA player sitting courtside with their MyCareer love interest, Ashley.

In a post featuring a screenshot of the two together, the Redditor said the player has appeared at no less than two games and appears to be “creeping on” the in-game girlfriend.

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According to other Reddit users, the original poster has nothing to worry about. Apparently, the not-so-nameless character in question is Red Thompson, a college teammate who dates back to NBA 2K21.

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Many NBA 2K23 MyCareer players seem impressed that Red and other side characters can recur in such a fashion. “That’s dope that they have Red sit with your camp. I’ve noticed almost all the characters in the game can appear at your games,” one person wrote in the thread.

Others aren’t so convinced it’s just innocent fun, though. BearsFan3417 joked, “[Red] never missed a shot, now he taking one with the girl.”

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“Peep Ashley’s hand position! That says it all,” another user responded in jest. The player will have to decide for themselves whether or not to keep a closer eye on Red Thompson.

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