NBA 2K23 fans flame devs over “copy and paste” feature

nba 2k23 season 42K Games

NBA 2K23 brought back go-karts as a seasonal reward, and fans slammed the developers for rehashing content.

NBA 2K23 Season 4 started on January 13, featuring a new remote control drone and Galaxy Opal Zach Lavine. Players can use the drone to navigate The City and The G.O.A.T. Boat until finding a spot to land. Other seasonal rewards include a pilot helmet and science fiction-inspired armor.

Community members have been critical of seasonal content in previous titles. NBA 2K22 players slammed season 9 rewards for being a “slap in the face.” One of the rewards included a go-kart, allowing players to drive around The City.

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Players initially viewed the go-kart as a disappointment, so you can only imagine the community reaction when Visual Concepts brought it back.

NBA 2K23 players slam go-kart addition

nba 2k23 season 42K Games
Galaxy Opal Zach Lavine is a level 40 reward in Season 4.

A disgruntled NBA 2K23 player took to Reddit and claimed, “proof, 2K making millions out of the game, and they don’t give a f**k about it. Copy and paste for the win.”

The go-kart is a level 20 reward in Season 4, and players argued it’s lazy to reuse rewards.

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One player responded, “The rewards could be much better. They really need to get creative.”

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Community members demand more creative rewards than just a quicker way to maneuver around The City. Season 3 shook up the meta by introducing Core Badge Patterns as a level 40 reward. The new feature makes it possible to equip Tier 2 and 3 Badges for free. The go-kart and drone are viewed as a step down by some segments of the player base.

A second player added: “They’d be like ‘no mistake here. You just got the retro version!'”

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Season 4 just began, so players are still holding out hope the developers have some more surprises hidden up their sleeves.

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