NBA 2K22 players call for big AI changes in Season 8

Brianna Reeves
nba 2k22 season 8 ai changes
2K Games

NBA 2K22 players hope the newly released Season 8 will eventually introduce improvements, especially since teammate AI struggles to live up to expectations in certain instances.

2K Games unleashed NBA 2K22 Season 8 on July 1, letting loose a whole host of new content offerings. For one, the likes of James Harden and Hall of Fame Chris Webber received End Game cards.

The Season 8 update also rolled out Invincible rewards for NBA greats such as Grant Hill, Dominique Wilkins, and Jerry West.

But many players want future patches to address some of the sports game’s technical hiccups, specifically those regarding teammate AI.

NBA 2K22’s AI needs improvement

NBA 2k22 wonky ai
2K Games
NBA 2K22’s wonky CPU ruins good plays.

While playing WNBA Career Mode in NBA 2K22, Redditor anglebg34 noticed their teammate’s AI would sometimes take the scenic route in an otherwise good pick and roll play.

Instead of rolling to the basket for an easy layup after a screen, the teammate that anglebg34 passes to moves further up the court. As a result, the offense nearly turns over the ball.

The Redditor thinks this is the game’s way of “manipulating pick and rolls.” In the thread, other users were quick to agree that NBA 2K22’s “teammate AI is seriously broken.”

However, NBA 2K fans such as doublek1022 and LordCommanderSno believe the issue lies with how the player leads the pass. Should this prove accurate, some may find it useful to tinker with the title’s in-game Controller Settings.

2K Games hasn’t formally revealed NBA 2K23 as of yet, though the publisher recently teased that news about the next NBA 2K is coming.

At the time of writing, however, there’s no word on when exactly the full reveal will go live.