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NBA 2K22 players fed up with “goblin-brained” AI teammates

Published: 21/Jan/2022 23:20

by Connor Knudsen


NBA 2K22 players have had enough of the game’s terrible, “goblin-brained” AI teammates and are asking devs to make them more effective on the court.

One of the worst things that can happen in NBA 2K22 is having your teammates immediately quit out of a game in The Rec.

This forces players between two tough choices: Quit out and reload the game, or play with four terrible AI teammates for the duration of the game.

Fans have finally had enough of these smooth-brained computer players, and are pleading for devs to do something to make them more viable.

2K22 players sick and tired of lackluster AI gameplay

The 2K community is up in arms over the game’s troubling AI, who is known to miss easy shots and make bad basketball decisions.


This has led to numerous posts to the game’s subreddit, where players continue to ask devs to make changes.

One notable thread flew up the front page, with the title, “2k desperately needs to improve their AI Players. It’s unacceptable to have them be this much of a liability in games.”

And many of the 186 comments on this thread, as well as additional posts that have come out since, tend to agree.

The clip displayed in that post is likely one that’s all too familiar for Rec players – feeding an easy ball to an AI postman, only to have him fumble the bag and miss the shot.


This post has led to others popping up in the 2K subreddit, one even hilariously mocking the game’s AI by comparing them to this muffled play from the Lakers this year.

“AI leaving their man open for no reason smh.”

Many in the comments agree, with one commenter even calling AI in 2K22 “goblin-brained” and “running around with their heads cut off.”

Others aren’t so comical about it, calling out devs for ignoring the issue for years in the franchise’s history. “2K have known this is an issue for years and they refuse to fix it.”

This is frustrating in the modes where players have no other option but to rely on these AI players, which almost always struggle despite oftentimes having very high stats and easy shots.


Devs have yet to respond to these posts, but in the event that they do and AI is patched, we will be sure to provide an update.