NBA 2K22 players blast “lazy” devs as reused commentary found

Brianna Reeves
nba 2k22 fans call devs lazy2K Games

Players call the NBA 2K22 devs “lazy” after encountering an instance where in-game commentators reference an older version of NBA 2K.

Like the vast majority of video games, NBA 2K22 hit digital and retail stores with a fair few bugs in tow. As a result, players regularly stumble across gameplay issues.

Some problems ultimately prove minor in the grand scheme of things, easy-to-forget hiccups that in no way impact the overall experience.

On occasion, however, oddities such as bizarre blocking glitches or elderly free agents ruin the immersion for even the most fervent NBA 2K players.

NBA 2K22 devs dubbed “lazy” due to dated commentary

NBA 2k22 devs called lazy by fans2K Games
Tip-off in NBA 2K21.

Based on gameplay footage shared by Reddit user Moco683, in-game commentators in NBA 2K22 may sometimes welcome players back to a game of NBA 2K21 during tip-off.

To prove they were indeed playing the franchise’s latest edition, the player paused the screen to show the NBA 2K22 logo in the top-left corner.

“Lazy a** devs,” the Redditor wrote, to which other users in the thread responded in agreement.

One person, EfficientEase6713, joked this serves as “proof [the developers] copy and paste.” MontyP15 expressed a similar sentiment, calling NBA 2K22 a “cheap copy” of last year’s installment.

In fairness to the NBA 2K22 devs, errors of this nature just so happen to slip through the cracks. It doesn’t exactly denote laziness.

And an annualized series that demands an unusually quick turnaround time will always boast more than its fair share of trouble spots.

Of course, the team at Visual Concepts is already gearing up for the release of NBA 2K23, which hits consoles and PC on September 9.

2K Games announced the next NBA 2K entry approximately two weeks ago, complete with news that Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker will grace the cover.