NBA 2K22 player hits unbelievable shot to win game at buzzer

Connor Knudsen
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One NBA 2K22 player hit a wild three-point shot that every hooper dreams of, beating the buzzer in a way you won’t believe until you see it.

NBA 2K22 can be all about the dribbles from time to time, with players trying to get the most out of their builds to burn their opponents.

But basketball, as we all know, always comes down to the shot at the end of the day. And, sometimes, that shot happens to come right as time expires, with the game on the line.

One player had to face this immense pressure but somehow managed to pull off one of the craziest game-winners we have ever seen.

NBA 2K22 wild game-winning shot

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There were few better in the clutch than Kobe.

Players from all across history have been considered “clutch,” with names like Michael Jordan, Damian Lillard, and Kobe Bryant standing out as some of the most recent with iconic late-game performances.

While the stakes are much lower playing 2K, sometimes that clutch factor comes into play, demanding a player to hit a game-deciding shot at the end of a hard-fought game. For one player, that was certainly the case.

With a game in the Rec sitting at 55-57 with time ticking down in the fourth quarter, the losing team passed the ball to a guard waiting on the three-point line.

As time expires, the player throws the ball up, triple covered and smothered by the game’s shot coverage metric. Lo and behold, the shot sinks at the buzzer. The once losing team wins.

A post of the video has been shared to the 2K subreddit by an unfortunate player on the losing team, seen at the end with his head buried in his hands alone. The title simply reads, “I’m speechless…”

Speechlessness is probably the only correct response here. The defense on the shot was perfect, the release was a little early, and the play almost looked to be busted before he got the ball. By all counts, the defense did everything right here.

But, that’s 2K and that’s basketball. And what an ending it all provided.

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