NBA 2K22 camera glitch is stealing players’ 3-Pointers

nba 2k22 shooting a 3-pointer in a match2K

Players are being left bemused after an unusual glitch in NBA 2K22 appeared to show a successful green shot being given the full cinematic treatment, only for the shot to be denied.

2K’s electric basketball sim continues to be the hottest experience in all of video games for those who want to hear the screech of shoes on the court. The annual title allows fans of the NBA to don the shoes of world-class athletes such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and many more.

We said that NBA 2K22 was a return to form, and whilst the game gets many things right in its attempts to capture the heart and soul of basketball, it does have a pesky glitch or two. One that appears to be incensing players is the virtual guarantee of 3-Pointers being denied for no reason.

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stephen curry dribbling with the ball2K
Would it be a sports title without unexplainable bugs?

Didn’t want that 3-Pointer anyway NBA 2K22

Imagine you’ve quickly broken into a fearsome attack, you line up your shot in the hot zone, score a perfect green shot, the match director cuts to the stylish presentational TV camera, and then it cuts off halfway through and prevents you from scoring a basket.

That isn’t really what’s supposed to happen.

And yet, this is what transpired for Reddit user samlazybones who said that it was the “first time I ever missed a green.” In their video, they had just been scored on and launched a fast rebuttal.

According to NBA 2K22, the shot they performed on offense was deemed to be ‘Excellent’ in terms of its timing. The shot was given the full director’s camera treatment and just as the ball hit the backboard, the camera cut away, the animation was suddenly halted and possession was turned over.

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One commenter said: “I actually loled when the camera angle switched and he just bricks it,” and another amused reply said: “I’ve only ever seen people miss greens in career with that action cut camera that shows in this clip. I think that camera cut is bugged.”

Based on the final comment, we can suggest that this is definitely not just a one-off problem, and it could happen to you. We’d recommend you turn this camera cut function off to avoid anything similar happening to you.