NBA 2K streamer LosPollosTV hilariously threatens young opponent over not paying wager money

by Albert Petrosyan


There is a reason why Luminosity Gaming content creator 'LosPollosTV' is one of the funniest streamers on Twitch.


Predominantly known for his NBA 2K streams, Los was playing a wager match on the recently released NBA 2K19 against a young opponent who, as it would turn out, did not have the money to pay after losing. 

"I can give you like 25 right now, and I can pay you the rest tomorrow. But I can't give you the full 40 right now," the opponent can be heard saying on stream.


Visibly frustrated by the situation, Los reacted in his trademark manner, full of hilarious anger and aggression as he began threatening his opponent. 

"Listen you mother fucker. Listen, no, shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up and listen. Send me the fucking max amount you can fucking send me. And if I don't get the rest tomorrow, I promise you, I promise, I know people everywhere. Unless you want to get tripped up in the hallway and taken somewhere, in the little school of yours, I better get the rest of the money."


While most of LosPollos' viewers understood that he was joking, including his opponent, those watching his stream for the first time may have been alarmed at the way he was yelling - full of vulgarity, spite, and seriousness. 

Perhaps Los just wanted to make an example out the player and make it clear that if anyone wants to wager against him in NBA 2K19, they better have the money to pay up if they lose, or else.