NBA 2K fans disappointed with The City 2K22 reveal: “We wanna play basketball, not The Sims”

The City2K Games

2K Games is looking to add a ton of new features within MyCareer and The City with the release of NBA 2K22. However, fans of the game aren’t so excited about the new features, as they simply want to play basketball. 

NBA 2K has long been the premier basketball game for players to dive into each year, and while there’s been a large amount of criticism around the series in recent years, players are still flocking to its annual releases.

Many players were disappointed with the gameplay reveal on August 30, with a large focus on how some of the player models appeared.

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2K has since fine-tuned some players, but now, The City reveal that premiered on September 7 has fans up in arms yet again.

2k22 city review2K Games
The City is offering new features this year for players to partake in.

NBA 2K fans disappointed with The City 2K22 reveal

For those who don’t know, The City is the online portion of NBA 2K, where players will be able to battle one another with their created players. In recent years, 2K has been implementing new features to make The City more than just a courtside battle between players.

Haircuts, clothing stores, and workout rooms are among some of the variables they’ve added in previous titles, and in 2K22, they’re adding even more. The reveal trailer for NBA 2K22 showcased some of these features, and these new activities will range from fashion shows to hip-hop segments with Kendrick Lamar.

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While all of this seems fine at first glance, players have had an issue with the lack of actual basketball that’s being played throughout the trailer.

This was immediately the main point of criticism among fans of the series, especially on platforms such as Reddit. Players quickly fired shots at 2K Games with statements such as, “We wanna play basketball, not The Sims,” and, “Anything but basketball lmao, classic 2k.”

While it’s unknown how this year’s iteration of 2K is going to play out, the series has been revealing some notable features coming this year… it’s just a matter of if the fans will welcome these with open arms or not.

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