FIFA 22 & NBA 2K22 game-breaking bug is literally turning Xbox consoles off

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A game-breaking bug is stopping players from accessing FIFA 22, NBA 2K22, and Madden 22 on Xbox consoles, and now developers are looking into it. 

EA SPORTS and 2K Games titles have had their fair share of criticism in recent years, although these are typically associated with a perceived lack of new content or calls for fan-favorite concepts to become reality.

Though, if you are playing one of these fabled sports titles on an Xbox, a lack of content may be the least of your problems. You may just be trying to play the game without your console turning itself off.

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The bug has been flagged by members of the Xbox community, prompting Xbox Support to comment on the issue.

madden 22EA
This bug is most certainly not a touchdown moment for the Madden franchise.

Xbox bug turning consoles off: Madden 22, FIFA 22 & 2K22 players affected

In a tweet issued by Xbox Support on September 24, the team said they are continuing “to investigate reports of consoles powering off or quitting to home.”

A reply to the tweet, also stated that this issue is affecting Madden 22,  FIFA 22, and NBA 2K22.

Such a bug has to be frustrating for players of these games. A console turning off just before a goal or a touchdown would be jarring, to say the least. FIFA 22 is still in early access, too, which means some members of the community will be wasting some of the precious 10 hour time-trial on this glitch.

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NBA 2K22 missing court bug

Issues have extended past consoles returning to home or turning off for 2K Games. For those players, especially on current-gen consoles, courts have literally been disappearing on the Cancha Del Mar.

Multiple posts have been made to Reddit with similar issues, showing that it’s not an isolated issue.

While these bugs may be interconnected, the 2K bug that’s specifically affecting those on previous-gen seems to indicate that it may be a game-specific issue.

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Regardless, those on Xbox can check the status of the first bug by heading to the Xbox Support website. With such a severe issue, expect follow-ups to come from Xbox soon as they look to resolve this issue.