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Lil Uzi Vert lets fans decide cover art for new album Eternal Atake

Published: 3/Mar/2020 17:59 Updated: 4/Mar/2020 13:00

by Jacob Hale


Popular rapper Lil Uzi Vert has taken to his fans to decide on the cover art for highly anticipated upcoming album, Eternal Atake, almost two years since he first started teasing the album.

Uzi’s second studio album since 2017’s Luv is Rage 2 has been a huge topic for hip-hop fans in recent years, with a lot of controversy surrounding Uzi, the album, and his label allegedly withholding its release.

Now, though, it appears the project is finally coming, with a March 13 release date the expectation among fans after he teased a two-week wait on February 28 while on Instagram Live.


Instagram: liluzivert
The wait for Eternal Atake has been a long one for fans.

Late on March 2, Uzi said he was going to let his fans pick the cover art, with three potential options that he released intermittently over the next day.

Finally, on March 3, he tweeted a poll simply asking for fans to pick which of the three pieces of art they prefer, with each one wildly different from one another and offering completely separate visual aesthetics to accompany the new music.

Following a multitude of tweets with fans talking about what to expect from his new album, Uzi said “Album Cover for Eternal Atake… You Pick… Go Now,” following up with an image of each potential cover.


The first features multi-layered diamonds and jewels in a bright yellow/orange hue, a fairly psychedelic image that you might expect from an Uzi album.

The second is a little more plain, with three people staring at Earth from a planet in outer space, while the third is simply a crowd holding up signs about Uzi and his new alias, Baby Pluto.

After the poll had ended, options two and three were split 62% to 32%, after which Uzi conducted another poll to decide which will be the album cover and which will be on the tracklist side. Option two was eventually picked as the winner, with option three occupying the reverse side of the physical album.