Fans react to BTS viral album trailer for Map of the Soul: 7

Jacob Hale
YouTube: Big Hit Labels

On February 2, K-Pop group BTS released a trailer for their upcoming album Map of the Soul: 7, and within hours it had accrued over 12 million views on YouTube and ridiculous amounts of fanfare.

BTS are no strangers to viral hits, with their fans seeming to dominate social media and garnering views and plays in the billions. Their 2017 hit DNA is nearing 1 billion views alone.

With the trailer for their new upcoming album now finally out for fans to enjoy, it’s seeing a similar quick rise to success and fans have given all of their thoughts on the “Outro: Ego” video – and for the most part, they’re thoroughly impressed.

YouTube: Big Hit Labels
The new trailer has risen through the YouTube charts very quickly in the short time since its release.

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The track is an eclectic mix of sounds, including a sampling of a beat from debut album ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL,’ all bound together by J-Hope bringing his energy to the pop song, with one fan even calling him “the most positive person in the world.”

Another comment on the video said that “J-Hope is so cute and cool, cheerful, and the music is super cool. Listen and enjoy the best.”

Fans are head-over-heels for BTS’ latest release.

One Twitter user touched on some analysis of the track and the trailer as a whole. She said: “With BTS, there will always be layers to analyze. They continue to challenge themselves with every piece they release. So, I’ll leave the music (incredible), the imagery (captivating), the HOSEOK (blindingly bright) for everyone else.”

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The trailer is clearly adored by fans already – one Twitter search of ‘BTS’ sees hundreds of tweets pouring in from fans asking everyone that will notice to stream their songs, watch their videos or simply to shed some light on the band.

Many fans are even speculating about what the trailer means, particularly because of the fact that it is an outro, with some believing that it essentially pulls in everything the album will be about thematically, musically and emotionally.

You would be hard pushed to find a fan that is even neutral on the song, let alone having anything negative to say about it. And, if they do, you can guarantee the BTS army will drown them out.

Map of the Soul: 7 releases on February 21.