Envy Athena & smle drop ‘Eternal’: New music inspired by Rocket League & League of Legends

Sela Shiloni (@selashiloni)

Rocket League star and Team Envy creator, Athena, has dropped her debut track Eternal with Grammy-nominated duo smle, as well as the first-ever in-game creator bundle.

When it comes to all things Rocket League, streaming sensation Athena is the face that thousands picture. Her bubbly personality and hilarious on-stream antics have earned her over 500k followers on Twitch – a number that continues to skyrocket.

As someone that has always been passionate about music, though, she’s taken the next step in her career by teaming up with DJ duo smle to drop Eternal, her musical debut.

Inspired by Rocket League and destined to transform the game’s landscape, Athena and smle told Dexerto what all of this means for the future of Rocket League.

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How League of Legends & Rocket League inspired Eternal

Avid fans of Riot Games’ League of Legends and Psyonix’s Rocket League will know just how integral both titles’ music scene is to the game’s identity. Not only have the sweeping anthems of ‘Legends Never Die’ or the upbeat Monstercat tracks that frame your battle for Rocket League glory inspired players, they’ve inspired Athena and smle too.

“League of Legends do Worlds every year, and they always put out this massive song,” notes Lewis Martinee, one half of smle. “They’re always so anthemic and really big, and Athena was like ‘we should do this, but for Rocket League.'”

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“Rocket League has been such a monumental factor in my life,” recalls Athena. “For anyone that has played the game there’s that classic EDM sound to it that just puts you in a good mood and just pumps you up when you’re playing the game.

“With the music video, Rocket League had a huge impact. I thought that it was quite fitting to have a race as a main focus to pay homage to Rocket League,” Athena told Dexerto, while Lewis notes that “the setting is based on that Wasteland map from Rocket League.”

A quintessentially Athena X smle video, the Mad Max-style and fun storytelling creates a playful world that’s perfect for Rocket League fans and casual viewers alike, but Athena and smle aren’t all about fun and games. They’re here to conquer.

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smle Athena EternalSela Shiloni (@selashiloni)
Grammy nominated smle join Athena in her race across the desert.

First Rocket League, next, the world

Having met on stream, the rapport between Athena and smle is beautiful to watch. But the dream team isn’t just a bunch of casual gamers. They’re out to take the gaming universe by storm with this, to borrow Lewis’ words, “never seen before and unexpected” musical creator duo.

Noting that “it’d be awesome” to become a part of what defines Rocket League, Lewis’ smle partner in crime, Ruben, notes “we’re really setting up for it here, we’ve got a lot of really sweet stuff lined up for it which could potentially put us in that position.”

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One of these is Athena’s Rocket League creator bundle, the Creator Garage. A never seen before concept, the bundle series compiles special items that have been hand-picked by some of the game’s most iconic creators.

“I’m very very fortunate to be able to have this very first moment,” she notes. “I’m so excited for everyone to see what it is!” For everything that’s contained in the bundle, the official link is right here, but for 2,000 credits you’re really scoring some bang for your buck – Athena style.

Athena in EternalSela Shiloni (@selashiloni)
Not only has Athena joined Team Envy, she’s taken the Monstercat brand to the next level.

An Athena album?

Get that eyes emoji out, because something might be coming on the horizon and it’s certainly pretty exciting.

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“Y’know the emote PauseCHAMP? That’s how I feel right now,” Athena states. “It would be a dream to be able to make an album, and this is certainly the first step of many more songs that I want to be able to make.

“I’ve already talked to smle, I’m like ‘I’m coming down to LA again, I want to make more music,’ so I’m really excited to see how this initial song goes, then use this as a platform to launch that career.” As for smle snatching that elusive Grammy in the future, both gave it a unanimous “hell yes.”

Maybe it’ll be a future track with Athena that earns them their rightful place in the EDM hall of fame, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, though, you can jam out to Eternal until your heart’s content via Monstercat.