Anthony Fantano cancels Spotify subscription amid Joe Rogan controversy

. 5 months ago
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Joe Rogan/Spotify/Anthony Fantano

The internet’s biggest music nerd Anthony Fantano announced he canceled his Spotify subscription, citing the recent controversy around Joe Rogan and Neil Young as the final straw.

The popular music streaming platform Spotify found itself facing a wave of backlash stemming from their most popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, after the show was accused of spreading misinformation.

Legendary musicians Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have since pulled their music from Spotify in protest, and the company’s stock was hit hard dropping over $2 billion in revenue.

Now, YouTube’s most popular music critic Anthony Fantano has announced he’s canceled his subscription.

TheNeedleDrop has over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Anthony Fantano cancels Spotify sub

Fantano announced on January 27 that he was joining the trending #ByeByeSpotify movement and canceled his Spotify Premium subscription.

Then, on February 2, he made a video posted to his second YouTube channel explaining his decision.

“I’m no longer using it, mostly because of all of the bulls**t that unfolded over this past weekend in regards to Neil Young.”

He continued by roasting the streaming service, “It became a final straw situation. You guys are a music streaming platform, please get your s**t together. You guys have two jobs: stream songs, and pay artists. And you barely do either of those well.”

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Fantano concluded the video with his thoughts on Joe Rogan, “Do I want to get deplatformed? No. I would much rather he just be a little bit more careful about the things he says and the information he puts out.”

Fantano clarified he was barely using his Spotify account in the first place, but now, will completely cut it out of his music diet entirely.

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