Velma’s controversial passive ability in MultiVersus no longer involves police

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In the latest update for MultiVersus, developer Player First Games removed the passive ability that usually involves Velma phoning the police.

Like every other fighter in MultiVersus, Velma comes equipped with a passive ability that offers the player a battlefield advantage.

The problem with Velma’s special skill is that it sees the iconic character channel her inner Karen. Once her passive begins, the Mystery Inc. member will call the police and point them in the direction of her opponent.

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Given ongoing concerns about police brutality and the weaponization of dialing 911, many players took issue with Velma’s passive. Recently, developers addressed the issue in a patch.

MultiVersus update gets rid of Velma’s reliance on police

Today, September 8, Player First Games deployed Patch 1.02 for MultiVersus, an update that adds Gizmo to the game and overhauls the hitbox system.

A whole host of character-based changes feature in the latest update, as well. Notably, one such adjustment replaces Velma’s passive ability.

According to the patch notes, “instead of calling the police, Velma now solves the mystery and calls the Mystery Inc. gang and the Mystery Machine to take the bad guys away.”

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Velma mains in MultiVersus seem pleased with the police-related change, thus far. Some like Twitter user Joanna Blackhart and ResetEra member AlexFlame116 appreciate the fix, especially since seeing the Mystery Machine speeding across a stage will prove more aesthetically pleasing.

But other Velma players appear more focused on the adjustments that further nerf the character. For example, Patch 1.02 reduces her movement speed and removes healing buffs that accompany her Air/Ground Neutral Attack.

MultiVersus is available as a free-to-play title for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. 

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