MultiVersus players fume over increased XP grind for leveling up

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Patch 1.03 increases the XP grind in MultiVersus by doubling the amount of XP it takes to level up, which has upset many players.

MultiVersus Update 1.03 recently went live across all platforms, adding support for Rick Sanchez and introducing a few new cosmetic items.

The latest patch also addresses gameplay balancing troubles, courtesy of 15 character changes that nerf or buff certain fighters.

Yet one adjustment, in particular, has fans fired up, especially since it comes in lieu of other oft-requested additions.

MultiVersus’ significantly increased XP grind upsets players

After the patch notes for Update 1.03 went live, Shahradwayne posted an excerpt about the XP changes to MultiVersus’ subreddit.

The note reads “[t]he XP required to go from level 3 – 15 on the character mastery track has been doubled.” In short, the user explains, players must now commit to double the work for the same reward.

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Unsurprisingly, the thread is filled with players wondering “who asked for this” and calling it out as a “bad move.”

“Great, another reason to keep me from coming back to this game,” wrote Rhymestar86. Cachacaa joked that this marks an example of “how to slowly kill your game 101.”

MultiVersus’ steeper XP grind has other users questioning why WB Games and Player First Games won’t simply “add stuff after level 15.”

As Reddit user hahasuav put it, post-level 15 incentives would actually encourage people to use the fighters they like.

It’s not lost on fans that Crystal Dynamics similarly slowed the pace of level progression in Marvel’s Avengers post-launch.

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As such, it’ll be interesting to see how Player First Games manages the burgeoning backlash compared to Crystal and Square Enix.