MultiVersus player shows how to beat opponent with Superman in 20 seconds

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A MultiVersus player used Superman to take down Batman in about 20 seconds, thanks to a few well-timed attacks.

A free-to-play crossover fighter on PC and consoles, MultiVersus became publicly available earlier this summer. The roster is filled with beloved characters, from Arya Stark and Superman to Velma Dinkley and the recently added Gizmo.

Thus, many players have mastered their favorite playable characters, perfecting tactics and combos that can secure easy wins or get them out of a tight spot.

Sometimes, though, all it takes is a bit of luck and timing to reign supreme over an opponent.

Superman player quickly overtakes opponent in MultiVersus

Reddit user acidicjoe has shared a gameplay video of their “fastest Superman win” to date. The clip itself runs 19-seconds in length; in that time, the player manages to win two matches against a Batman player.

Acidicjoe’s first victory comes courtesy of a well-timed Ringout on the far left side of the Tree Fort stage. The Superman main’s second match victory is where some Redditors called foul.

Before the Dark Knight player fully loads into the stage after losing, the Man of Steel is on the attack. A couple of uppercuts and a bit of air juggling soon sees Batman crashing into the invisible ceiling and succumbing to another defeat.

CacophonyOfSilence called BS on the second match, saying “…the Batman hadn’t loaded in yet before you had him airborne and offstage.”

But others like BenjaminCarmined argued the opponent blew the first MultiVersus match by unwisely grappling into Superman.

Some onlookers had fun with the spectacle of it all, though, with International_Ad8581 noting that this Batman v Superman fight felt more “realistic” compared to a certain film.

MultiVersus is available as a free-to-play title on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.