MultiVersus announces shock shutdown & 2024 return: pricing, beta status, more

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Player First Games announced plans to shut down MultiVersus in a few months, leading many to question the title’s beta status and pricing.

MultiVersus officially entered Open Beta in July 2022 as a free-to-play experience with in-game purchases. It also came with several Founder’s Pack offerings, which ranged in price from $40 to $100.

In the months since then, developers at Player First Games have issued several updates, including a Season 2 content rollout that unlocked access to Looney Tunes’ Marvin the Martian.

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Little in the way of new content has surfaced of late, however. But Player First Games and WB have yet to give up on the crossover fighter.

MultiVersus will shut down this summer, devs announce

Today, March 27, MultiVersus‘ developer revealed the Open Beta will come to an end this summer on June 25. A full version of the game will go live on an unspecified date in early 2024, complete with “new content, features, modes, and more.”

The FAQ section of the MultiVersus website further notes the title’s removal from digital storefront will enter into effect on April 4. Gleamium purchases are scheduled to cease on the same date.

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After June 25, those who download MultiVersus before April 4 can still expect to access the following offline – training room (The Lab), local matches, and previously earned/purchased characters/cosmetic items within these modes.

MultiVersus shutdown sparks confusion

Naturally, the plan to shut down MultiVersus has come as a surprise to some. Content creator GamesCage said the announcement “feels weird when ppl actively spent money on the game.”

“You’re… Shutting down a game people have pumped money into for 8 months?” someone else replied in the game’s Twitter thread.

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That Player First Games released two seasons of content for a beta has caused a bit of confusion, as well. It is worth noting, however, that the game does state its “Open Beta” status on the start-up screen.

MultiVersus has been shaving off players for months, with its Steam player count dropping down to sub-1,000 back in February. It’s possible a shutdown and 2024 relaunch is just what the doctor ordered.

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