MultiVersus couch co-op is ‘further out’ from release, says game director

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While responding to fan questions, Game Director Tony Huynh said MultiVersus’ much-coveted couch co-op feature won’t arrive anytime soon.

WB Games and developer Player First Games launched MultiVersus as a public beta earlier this summer, with Season 1 following on August 15.

The title allows users to duke it out online while playing as their favorite WB characters. But, unfortunately, MultiVersus does not support local co-op multiplayer as of yet.

Support for such multiplayer options remains high on many a wishlist for the crossover fighter. The wait for the much-coveted feature may continue for quite a while longer, though.

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MultiVersus’ Game Director hints at couch co-op release

MultiVersus Game Director Tony Huynh recently responded to a question from YouTuber Lost Tangent Outpost about the possibility of local co-op support.

The YouTuber noted that while Huynh previously said the team would try to add couch co-op, uncertainty about the feature’s development, or lack thereof, persisted.

Huynh didn’t offer much in the way of specifics but divulged that “it’ll be further out,” since the studio’s currently focused on stabilization and a host of other improvements. The Game Director shared the following with curious fans:

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As evidenced by Tony Huynh’s post, there’s still no concrete timeline for when MultiVersus will receive couch co-op capabilities.

At the very least, it’s a feature that remains on Player First Games’ radar, even if other aspects of the experience sit higher up on the list of priorities.

MultiVersus’ Season 1 Battle Pass ends in mid-November, which suggests Season 2 will launch around the same time.

Player First has yet to confirm its future plans, but datamined game files indicate the likes of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen will eventually enter the fray.

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MultiVersus is available as a free-to-play title for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.