Iron Giant mains respond to brutal Multiversus nerfs

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MultiVersus Season 1 update drastically shakes up the game’s meta — And Iron Giant mains are furious over drastic nerfs.

As part of the MultiVersus Season 1 update, all 17 playable characters received varying degrees of nerfs and buffs. Most notably, Finn and Velma received substantial nerfs.

Iron Giant is a controversial character in the MultiVersus universe, mainly because of a “down special bug” trapped enemies on the ground and dealt massive amounts of damage to foes nearby.

WB Games attempted to patch the bug, but players reported issues after the hotfix. The Season 1 update claims to have finally fixed the “infinite” bounce bug. However, other nerfs have Iron Giant users up in arms.

Iron Giant players respond to “awful” Season 1 nerfs

an image of all characters in MultiVersusPlayer First Games
Several MultiVersis characters received massive nerfs in the Season 1 update.

Reddit user greninjack24 mocked Iron Giant mains after the Season 1 nerfs.

Iron Giant’s air-up attack no longer hits the same target multiple times. The robot can no longer use the cannonball attack when out of air specials, and the ground forward attack decays more consistently.

One player responded, “Iron Giant nerfs seem so unnecessary. Every Iron Giant I play against is so bad.”

A second user stated, “Iron Giant was already really hard to play against good players, but these changes will kill him competitively.

The biggest complaint revolves around Iron Giant’s combo capability. A decrease in cannonballs and no longer hitting enemies multiple times with the air-up attack make it harder for users to chain attacks together.

Decreasing Iron Giant’s gray health also makes him more vulnerable to enemies.

One Iron Giant main argued, “Iron Giant will still be good, but you just have to learn not to get hit.”

The MultiVersus meta will continue to evolve and shift as more updates are released. For now, Iron Giant players may have to look elsewhere to stay competitive.