All Gizmo Easter Eggs in MultiVersus so far

gizmo intro screen in multiversusWarner Bros.

MultiVersus added the Gremlins franchise to its line-up with Gizmo, and we’ve compiled every Easter Egg that has been discovered about everyone’s favorite Mogwai.

When a new character gets added to MultiVersus, the devs make sure they go all in on the addition by ensuring that the character looks, feels, and acts like their on-screen counterpart.

The titular Morty was a great example of this as his character embodied everything about him and included a ridiculous number of Morty Easter Egg references.

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Gizmo has many gadgets and nuances that make him such a special character in Gremlins, and if you want to see just how effectively Player First Games has captured his traits and actions in the films, then read on for a list of Gizmo Easter Eggs in MultiVersus.

Dancing emote

Courtesy of YouTuber PlayStationGrenade, our support character’s first notable Easter Egg comes in the form of the character’s iconic dance routine.

Gizmo gets his jig on by dancing to some classic rock in a laboratory and players can taunt their opponents by recreating this feelgood boogie.

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Gizmo’s box entrance

gizmo box in multiversus trailerPlayer First Games
Gizmo’s box is a great throwback and nod to the films.

If you pick Gizmo, the Mogwai will spawn into battles from a wooden box that has specific carvings on it.

Fans of the franchise will easily pick up on the fact that it’s the same box from the original 1984 Gremlins film, and is a throwback to the device that Gizmo is stored away in.

Combat Gizmo

If you’ve checked out the character’s alternate costume – Combat Gizmo – you’ll notice that he comes packing with a makeshift crossbow — this is Gizmo’s desire to be Rambo!

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In Gremlins 2, it’s a classic case of monkey see monkey do as our plucky figure ends up watching Rambo First Blood: Part II during the film, and by the end of it Gremlins 2 is kitted out in a red bandana as well as homemade bow and arrow.


A tiny reference here but one nonetheless, Gizmo can yeet a bunch of popcorn into the air in the game, but not once does the lovable Mogwai ever actually do this in any of the films.

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Instead, it’s the evil Gremlins who can’t get enough of the stuff, but who’s counting, eh?

Keyboard attack

Wondering why Gizmo likes to stand up and jam on a keyboard, creating a deadly horizontal projectile attack in the process?

That’s because Gremlins’ main character Billy helps to play Gizmo’s song on a small keyboard, which Gizmo eventually joins in with.

Michael Jackson Beethoven

The language of the Gremlins is basically indecipherable, however, following on from our previous Easter Egg, when Gizmo plays his keyboard, he can make either a sound denoting a classic Beethoven track, or let out a hilarious Michael Jackson-inspired “Hee-hee.”

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These aren’t Gremlins references per se, but it’s the tiny details that all contribute to Gizmo’s charm.

Gizmo’s Song

Carrying on with the musical theme, Gizmo’s memorable, fluttering tune becomes a staple of the character, and you can stand on the spot and blurt out the song in the middle of a match, hurting anyone the notes hit.

Pink Sports Car

gizmo hitting shaggy with car in multiversusPlayer First Games
The pink car from Gremlins is a powerful attack for Gizmo to use.

Like Rambo, Gizmo imitates more of what he sees on TV, this time adopting a racing car.

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As a result, he ends up in a pink convertible that he finds in a toy store, meaning you can run over the likes of Batman and Velma in-game with your hot set of wheels. On a side note, the car’s ability to fly off into the sky is also a homage to the films as Gizmo flies off of a shovel in the car, propelling himself high into the air.

Support Companion

Gizmo can follow teammates around the map very closely, making a small backpack symbol appear with a meter too.

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Aside from being a support action, it’s also due to the fact that Gizmo regularly ends up in backpacks, pockets, and various other temporary homes in the movies.

Not only that, but Gizmo will also ride a Chinese lantern while doing so, a reference to where Gizmo lived before being found in the first film. Furthermore, Gizmo can also sing the tune of ‘New York, New York’ in this mode – a tribute to the singing Gremlin in the second film.

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Victory & Defeat

No one wants to see Gizmo sad, so pick up the win and watch as he kicks back in his chair with some popcorn and watches TV with a pair of 3D glasses. Why? Because Gizmo does this exact action in Gremlins.

Another fascinating Easter Egg with great attention to detail is that if you look behind our 3D-loving friend, you’ll see a clock that reads 11:55 — as we all know, if he eats after midnight then he’ll become a Gremlin himself.

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gizmo in rambo costume in multiversusPlayer First Games
Gizmo is ready to hit you with his Rambo Mambo dressed like this in MultiVersus.

Switching over to his Combat Gizmo costume, a victory will see him resting on a rock, toasting some food over an open fire, otherwise known as another reference to Rambo.

Lose, however, and Gizmo will throw a temper tantrum on top of a box. But this is not just any old box though, it’s the design of the box where Gizmo found the paper clips for his bow in the first place!

Falling animation

A tiny one here, but if you fall as the magnificent Mogwai, he’ll flail his arms in a fashion befitting of his film self as it perfectly mimics Gizmo falling down the elevator shaft.

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Keep rollin rollin rollin’

If you use the character’s roll ability to get yourself out of trouble, that’s because Gizmo did the same roll in Gremlins to introduce himself to the world.


To wrap things up, this is less of an Easter Egg, and probably a very sensible, common sense addition on the devs part as Gizmo has the penchant to unleash an umbrella.

History tells us that the Mogwai never once used an umbrella throughout any of the Gremlins films, but given that he needs to avoid water to stop multiplying. It’s a logical, and cute, addition to the character’s repertoire of goodies.

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