Monster Hunter Now players call out Niantic over “insane” Roars of the Desert Pack price

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Monster Hunter Now players have called out Niantic over the “insane” prices behind the Shop’s microtransactions, with many calling for more major changes. 

While Monster Hunter Now can be played without spending any money, Niantic allows players to purchase Potions, Paintballs, and other items from the in-game shop. 

These items are also added to the game’s limited-time packs, which bundle together useful items Hunters can use in their daily outings. 

However, the latest launch of the Roars of the Desert Pack has led to the community calling out Nianitc over the “insane” pricing of its microtransactions. 

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Monster Hunter Now players call out microtransaction prices

As it currently stands, the Roars of the Desert Pack costs $14.99/£14.99, and features three Paintballs, two Special Carving Knives, and five Potions. The lack of items and high price have led to many Monster Hunter Now players voicing their anger over the current handling of the in-game Shop items. 

“This is a terrible and I mean TERRIBLE pack,” said one player. “Every other had something that was just above being the same as buying gems. For example, if we had 10 potions in this pack, maybe. But for 5 pots and TWO knives? Hahahah HELL NO.”

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Others noted that the distinct lack of Gems is the most glaring problem. “No sane person should buy this, for some reason Niantic is forgetting to add gems to these kind of packages,” responded one Hunter. 

When asked what items players would need to see in order to make this pack worth the price tag, many wanted more drops entirely. One Hunter even came up with a Pokemon Go style drop, that would make future packs worthwhile. 

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“They need to add some kind of rainbow drop, like rare candies in Pokemon Go, something that allows the user to choose what monster item you get, or maybe just a rare resource like you can choose 5 bones+/carpenter bugs/earth crystals, but personally I’d prefer just being able to choose which G2 monster parts.”

Whether Niantic will make adjustments to future Monster Hunter Now items packs remains to be seen, but for now, you’ll need to be prepared to cough up some cash if you want to get your hands on these items.

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