MLB The Show 7th Inning Program: Release Date, cards, Diamonds, more

San Diego Studio

One of the last Inning Programs we’ll see during the cycle of MLB The Show 21, the 7th Inning Program may finally address the pleas of fans to add some beloved cards into the game. 

MLB The Show 21 has been soaring in content since it was released back in April of this year, and this is largely due to San Diego Studios consistently updating the game with new updates and cards for players to obtain.

One of the best free ways for players to earn these cards is the Inning Programs, a monthly way for players to grind through a battle pass system in order to obtain some cards.

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The 7th of these programs are going to be releasing shortly, and we’ve got everything you need to know about it!


mlb the show 6th inning boss packSan Diego Studio
Inning programs are one of the many ways we can get free cards within Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 7th Inning Program release date

As per any Inning Program, they typically last a month-long, and this is usually enough time for players to max out their programs with around 650,000 XP.

San Diego Studios recently posted a roadmap of some of the upcoming content that players will have the opportunity to look forward to, and among this, is the release date the for 7th Inning Program.

Players can expect to dive in on September 24, 2021 and the update will go live at 12:00 pm PST.

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7th Inning program boss cards

rewardsSan Diego Studio
Players will have an ample amount of rewards to earn yet again.

The unique part about Inning Program is the fact that there’ll be multiple choice packs featuring boss/henchman cards for players to unlock. They’re typically in the 99 OVR range, and some of the cards in the past such as Matt Kemp and Troy Glaus, are still formidable today.

With this said, we aren’t too sure who we could see for the 7th Inning Program boss cards, but some users over on Reddit have identified who they’d like to see in the upcoming update. This stems from SDS noting on the announcement post “the wait is almost over,” indicating that this might be a legend we’ve been asking for since the game was released.

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We’ll have to wait and see if the boss cards feature 99 OVR Hank Aaron or even Barry Bonds!

7th Inning Program rewards

Within the Inning Program, players can earn a wide array of rewards and packs each time. As well, they tend to throw in some uniforms, and Road to The Show equipment for players to choose from.

Below is what we can expect the 7th Inning Program to include when it fully releases:

  • Ballin’ Is A Habit packs
  • Regular packs
  • Headliner packs
  • 7th Inning Boss pack
  • Kitchen Sink pack
  • Equipment
  • Home Run Derby Packs
  • 90+ Live Series Choice pack
  • Uniforms
  • Stubs

SDS may have some other surprised in store for us, and we’ll have to wait and see what else we’ll be able to earn!