MLB The Show 23 Feature Premier reveals universal DH, ranked co-op & more

San Diego Studio

San Diego Studio spent over 40 minutes discussing new features coming to MLB The Show 23, and fans are ecstatic.

MLB The Show 23 launches on March 28 for all platforms. The developers already revealed Miami Marlins star Jazz Chisholm as the cover athlete and gave players a sneak peek at the new Storylines mode.

The Negro Leagues Season 1 introduces eight iconic trailblazers and educates baseball fans on the league’s rich history. Players step into the shoes of these historical figures and learn through short information videos and gameplay sequences.

Community members celebrated the game mode’s announcement and eagerly awaited more details. SDS didn’t hold back from delivering the goods, announcing a series of long-awaited features coming to the next baseball installment.

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Universal DH, ranked co-op, and two-way players coming to MLB The Show 23

Jazz Chisholm is the cover athlete for MLB The Show 23.

On February 14, San Diego Studio hosted a live stream going over new features in MLB The Show 23. Popular MLB YouTuber DaddyDimmuTV shared, “The universal DH is in Diamond Dynasty, and two-way players now have the secondaries to make them able to be two-way players.”

Dimmu believes this is huge for the franchise. Los Angeles Angels star, Shohei Ohtani, broke baseball, shining as a hitter and pitcher. MLB The Show 23 finally lets players utilize Ohtani in both roles at the same time during a game.

In 2022, MLB also introduced the Universal DH rule, meaning American League and National League teams could have a player-only hit. The rule was announced too late and not included as a feature in MLB The Show 22, but it’s coming this time around.

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The developers also announced a new ranked co-op mode, competitive mode, and revamped PCI feedback. MLB The Show YouTuber Fuzzy claimed, “this game has a chance to save us all.”

MLB The Show 22 players complained about fouling off too many pitches. MLB The Show 23 reduces the outer PCI by 50%, meaning players will swing and miss more.

The developers increased the fielding difficulty by moving the green area depending on a play’s difficulty. This should make the mechanic feel less automatic than it was before. First-basemen fielding is also emphasized, decreasing the odds of a player digging out a dirt ball.

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Dimmu concluded, “the improvements, while, of course, we have to get our hands on it and play, look incredible. Terrific work.”