MLB The Show 22 introduces new Supercharged card feature

mlb the show 22 white jerseySan Diego Studio

MLB The Show 22 has introduced a new feature called Supercharged where players get their Live Series cards in Diamond Dynasty boosted after a stellar performance. Here’s everything you need to know about it, including how to make Stubs off these temporary boosts.

This year’s MLB The Show has added a ton of new features to Diamond Dynasty to make the card-collecting mode more exciting than ever.

Developer San Diego Studio revealed a new feature for Live Series cards called Supercharged, honoring real performances and legendary moments for MLB players.

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Let’s get into how they work, and how you can profit off them.


seth beer mlb the show 22San Diego Studio
Seth Beer’s Supercharged Live Series card in MLB The Show 22.

What are Supercharged cards in MLB The Show 22?

A Supercharged card is a Live Series card that gets a temporary 48-hour buff after a notable performance. In the image above, you can see Supercharged Arizona Diamondback’s Left Fielder Seth Beer, whose card sports a green, electrical border after hitting a walk-off three-run home run to win the game on Opening Day.

These short-term buffs are absolutely massive, turning low-end players into superstars overnight. While the buffs are only temporary, there are ways to profit Stubs off of these Supercharged cards in Diamond Dynasty.

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MLB The Show 22: How to flip Supercharged cards for Stubs

Monitoring daily Supercharged cards can help you make boatloads of Stubs in MLB The Show 22. Take Bobby Witt Jr for example, the highly-touted Kansas City Royals prospect made his MLB debut on April 7 and landed his first hit.

San Diego Studio instantly Supercharged his Live Series card, skyrocketing him from a 71 to a 90 overall. His price on the Community Market shot up overnight, making his Buy Now price go from around 900 Stubs to over 2,400 Stubs.

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Flipping him within this window would net you an easy 1,500 Stubs simply by paying attention to the fact he had a solid performance.

San Diego Studio
Bobby Witt Jr’s Supercharged MLB The Show 22 card.

If you missed out on Bobby Witt Jr’s debut, that’s alright, as there are going to be tons of opportunities to flip cards on the market.

To keep up with every player that is Supercharged, follow the MLB The Show 22’s official Twitter account as they’ve been revealing the boosted cards.

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