MLB The Show 21 Conquest: Tips & tricks, strategy, more

. 11 months ago
mlb the show conquest
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Conquest is one of the best ways for players to earn an ample amount of XP while playing MLB The Show 21. Within this mode are certain tips & tricks you can use to optimize your game! 

MLB The Show 21 has been amping up their content since the game was released, as the monthly Inning Programs and Player of The Month events are some of the best in all of sports games.

While it is fine and dandy to play Ranked Seasons and all of the moments within Diamond Dynasty, the Conquest game mode is one of the premier ways for players to earn incredible rewards.

But, Conquest is also a game mode that can be a bit confusing, so we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about it, and how you can excel in this game mode!

mlb the show packs
San Diego Studio
New headliners packs are a frequent occurrence within The Show!

What is Conquest?

Conquest is one of the game modes within Diamond Dynasty, and you may’ve noticed it when scrolling through the menus from time to time. Essentially, the game mode places players on a map, with MLB teams located at certain points around the map.

You’ll need to move your territory across the map, accumulating spaces and going into games against the CPU on certain difficulties. The game mode is broken down into the following phases.

  • Attack Phase
    • This is when you’ll be able to play against the CPU and move your team
  • Move Phase
    • Players can allocate fans from one territory to another during this stage
  • Steal Fans
    • Going head-to-head with other CPUs, you have the chance to take fans away from them to strengthen your team
  • Reinforce Phase
    • With the excess fans you have in your inventory, you can place them on properties you own
mlb the show
San Diego Studio
Conquest has an ample amount of rewards hidden within.

MLB The Show: Conquest tips and trick

This game has a flurry of XP for players to gain, and it can be a bit daunting at first, but there are various methods that you can deploy that’ll help you out in the long run.

We’re going to run over some tips and tricks so that your Conquest adventure is vastly easier than it should be!

  1. Have one or two territories that you attack with that always have a lot of fans.
  2. Focus on enemy strongholds, but be sure to have over 8 fans on your attacking territory.
  3. Simming games against low-level spots are beneficial for time and can speed up your progress on the map.
  4. Always play your games on All-Star or higher difficulties. This makes sure you don’t get adjusted to lower pitch speeds, and you also gain more XP playing on higher levels.

With San Diego Studios adding new Conquest maps every few weeks or so, be sure to complete them as rewards are plentiful within this game mode!

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