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MLB The Show 21: Best boss card for 7th Inning Program

Published: 25/Sep/2021 17:10

by Nick Farrell


A new Inning Program is here within MLB The Show 21, and this time it offers some cards players have been seeking after for the entire year.

We’re nearing the tail-end of the 2021 MLB season, and this also means we’re bound to see lots of content come to MLB The Show 21 soon.

They recently released a brand new Inning Program for players to dive into, and it introduced some amazing boss cards for players to pick and choose from.

But, the hardest question in the game still remains: which boss card should I choose?

7th inning bosses
San Diego Studio
All the new Inning Bosses are hitters this time around.

Who are the boss cards for the 7th Inning Program?

Similar to most Inning Programs, there’s going to be three boss cards within the new program for players to pick from.


Unlike other programs we’ve seen recently, however, there aren’t any pitchers available for players, instead, we have the following options.

  • Spencer Torkelson – 3B 
  • Tony Gwynn – RF
  • Hank Aaron – LF

With two legends and a former first-round pick, there’s a lot of name value in this Inning Program alone.

What boss card should I choose?

hank aaron
San Diego Studio
Aaron’s first 99 OVR within MLB The Show is stacked.

This isn’t really a question to a lot of players, simply due to Hank Aaron being available this time around. SDS has significantly buffed his card this year compared to others, as he bolsters some of the best hitting stats we’ve seen in the game.

Aaron will immediately fit into your outfield, as the slugger will be hitting moonshots in every park you play in. But, Spencer Torkelson is also a valid option when it comes to the 7th Inning Program.


With numbers similar to All-Star Vladimer Guerro Jr., he could fit nicely into your team at the 3B position.

As well, keep in mind that most players are going to pick Hank Aaron this program, so the market value of Gwynn and Torkelson is going to be relatively high compared to the others.