MLB The Show 21 5th Inning Program: Release date, Diamonds, Ryan, Guerrero, Morgan, rewards, more

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mlb the show 5th inning
San Diego Studio

MLB The Show’s 5th Inning Program is going to add a ton of content for players to grind for once again, and coming off previous Inning Programs, we are amped to see what’s in store.

MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty offers some of the best ways for players to earn free cards to improve their lineup and rotation, and they’ve continued to implement innovative ways such as Team Affinity and player programs.

The monthly Inning Program is the premier way for players to earn stellar rewards for simply playing the game, as San Diego Studios seems to one-up each Inning Program with even better cards each month.

The 5th Inning Program is going to offer players a chance to earn some sweet players, and we’re going to walk you through everything we know!

4th inning program
San Diego Studio
The 4th Inning Program dealt players with a difficult choice between three incredible cards.

How long is the 5th Inning Program?

San Diego Studios has now announced that the 5th Inning Program is going to launch on July 30, and going off previous Inning Programs, we can expect this event to last until the end of August.

This gives players a decent amount of time to earn their Boss Card pack, but if you’re aiming to unlock the later packs such as the Kitchen Sink ones, then you may need to grind the game a bit more.

Rewards: cards, packs, Stubs, more

San Diego Studio
Players will have an ample amount of rewards to earn yet again.

Within the Inning Program, players can earn a wide array of rewards and packs each time. As well, they tend to throw in some uniforms, and Road to The Show equipment for players to choose from.

Below is what we can expect the 5th Inning Program to include when it fully releases.

  • Ballin’ Is A Habit packs
  • Regular packs
  • Headliner packs
  • 5th Inning Boss pack
  • Kitchen Sink pack
  • Equipment
  • Uniforms
  • Stubs

We’ll have to wait and see how all-out San Diego Studios goes with the incoming Inning Program!

Boss cards

As always, there’re three 99 OVR Diamond cards that players will have to choose from when they reach LVL 25 in the 5th Inning Program. They’re all brand new cards within MLB The Show 21, and two of them stand out amongst the final ones.

We’re going to run over the three cards down below, with accompanying pictures of their key attributes and pitch types.

Nolan Ryan – 99 OVR – Pitcher


Vladimir Guerrero SR. – 99 OVR – Right Fielder


Joe Morgan – 99 OVR – Second Base


All of these cards are stellar in their own regard, and players are going to have a difficult choice to decide when they eventually reach LVL 25!

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