How to unlock Milestone Pablo Sandoval in MLB The Show 21

. 11 months ago
San Diego Studio

The Panda is one of the most lovable faces within the MLB, and within The Show 21, San Diego Studios have added a new Milestone card to celebrate one of the rarest feats in baseball, the cycle. 

Earning new cards for your Diamond Dynasty roster is one of the essential components of MLB The Show 21, and since the game was released, the developers have been consistently maintaining the game with new players.

One of the programs players can partake in is Daily Moments for each month, these allow players to complete quick and easy challenges with the end goal being a pretty amazing card.

Milestone Pablo Sandoval is July’s card, and we’re going to run over how you can unlock it.

mlb the show 21 july daily moments
San Diego Studio
The best cards players will be able to unlock during the July daily moments!

What are daily moments in MLB The Show 21?

If you don’t already know, every month The Show adds new rewards for completing a certain amount of daily moments. These challenges reset every day, and they are usually catered towards events that happened the night before in MLB action.

There’s also a bunch of other items fans will be able to unlock, and these include:

  • Space packs
  • Player evolution packs
  • Headliner packs
  • Regular packs

Over the course of each month, players will earn points for completing their daily moments, and this amount will accumulate over the month.

How to unlock Milestone Pablo Sandoval

space packs
San Diego Studio
Space Packs offer a choice of players, including Milestone and Top Prospect cards.

Players will need to earn a grand total of 25 daily moment tokens in order to unlock the 97 OVR Pablo Sandoval – this takes around 20-25 days to complete. The reason it may take a bit shorter than just 25 days, is because that most Tuesdays, the moments count for double the number of points.

Next month, we can also expect some insane rewards, and when these get revealed in the coming weeks, we’ll be sure to update this page with all the rewards and how fans can easily complete these moments.

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