How to sign up for Scouting Report MLB The Show 22

mlb the show 22 scouting reportSan Diego Studio

MLB The Show 22 Scouting Report is a way for players to stay up-to-date on the popular baseball sim, as well as get free rewards along the way. Here is how to sign up.

MLB The Show 22 has arrived, and like every year, the game’s popular Diamond Dynasty mode is constantly being updated with new Programs for players to earn free rewards from.

Developer San Diego Studio is constantly updating the game with different events, challenges, and cards, and it can be fairly hard to keep up to date with exactly everything that’s being added into the online mode.

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For players who want a streamlined way to keep up with everything SDS is adding to The Show, they are bringing back the Scouting Report.

mlb the show 22 blue jaysSan Diego Studio
MLB The Show 22 launched on April 5.

What is the Scouting Report in MLB The Show 22?

San Diego Studios has launched Scouting Report, a new newsletter straight from SDS themselves.

This newsletter will keep fans up on everything new coming to the game including guides, tutorials, content drops, stream schedules, discounts, sweepstakes, and contests.

With so many updates coming out for the game on a nearly a daily basis, The Show’s developers are looking to make sure dedicated players don’t miss a single thing.

mlb the show 22 blue jaysSan Diego Studio
MLB The Show 22 brings back the incredibly popular Diamond Dynasty mode.

How to sign up for Scouting Report in MLB The Show 22

Here is how to sign up:

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  • Go to the Scouting Report page on The Show’s website
  • Click on your console of preference, then log in
  • Click Confirm

Following these steps will also bring you to your The Show 22 online profile.

This is where you can view your team from their website and see all the transactions you’ve made, your match history, as well as submit Buy & Sell orders if you find keyboard and mouse easier to use than the PS5 controller.

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