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xQc’s Minecraft speedrun attempt ends in epic disaster

Published: 25/Sep/2020 1:15

by Brent Koepp


Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left stunned when his speedrun attempt in Minecraft came to an end. The former Overwatch pro made a classic mistake during a practice session that had his character exploding into pieces. 

With millions of followers, xQc continues to be one of the top faces on Twitch. The Canadian’s variety streams and explosive personality bring in thousands of viewers each time he goes live.

The former Overwatch pro however ran into trouble during his September 24 broadcast, when he made a mistake that ended his practice run in Minecraft as soon as it started.


xqc failing at minecraft
Twitch: xQcOw
The Twitch streamer’s Minecraft speedrun ran into issues.

xQc Minecraft practice speedrun fail

The streamer decided to speedrun Minecraft for his 69k viewers, promising them subs if he could beat the game in a certain amount of time. However an hour in, his character died while fighting the Ender Dragon.

The Twitch star respawned the battle to try again, however his practice run quickly went up in flames when he accidentally dropped a bed down and slept in it.

Beds explode in the Nether when a player sleeps, which he did by accident. Stunned, he then shook it off and reloaded the battle again. Lengyel’s chat burst into laughter, calling it a “speed-run” record.


After the Ender Dragon spawned a second time, xQc got another chance to try out his strategy. Placing the bed down under the Dragon, he then clicked sleep and it exploded on the beast.

Only problem is, he was too close to the blast and it sent him flying up in the air and to his death. “So how do you make it not hit you? Chat, how do you make it not hit you?!” he asked his viewers.

All mistakes aside, using a bed item against the Ender Dragon is a pretty common strategy. xQc eventually got the hang of it, and quickly took the creature’s health down quickly, before ending the speedrun to play Among Us.


The popular Twitch star promised his audience that he would attempt another speedrun – hopefully this time he won’t run into any explosions. If nothing else, his 60 minute time is actually pretty decent, considering he doesn’t play the title full time.