Tommyinnit trends on Twitter after Dream SMP stream leaves 500K viewers in suspense

Published: 22/Feb/2021 1:50

by Bill Cooney


YouTuber Tommyinnit had more than 500k viewers on the edge of their seats after an apparent internet mishap while streaming Minecraft with Dream on the SMP server.

Dream is one of the biggest Twitch streamers out there right now, and his collaborations with fellow streamers on the Dream SMP server always seem to bring in massive amounts of views.

During a recent stream server member Tommyinnit was broadcasting along with Dream to over 500,000 viewers when his internet suddenly shut down, and caused him to start trending on Twitter almost instantly.

TommyInnit twitch record dream smp
TommyInnit Twitch
Tommy is a popular streamer in his own right, but the addition of Dream took things over the top.

To make things clear, everything that goes on in the Dream SMP server is fiction, and if you haven’t been following the storyline up to this point, just know that Tommy was once again visiting Dream in prison, where he’s been locked up for quite some time.

Roughly midway into the visit, Tommy’s stream started slowing down and dropping frames just as he hit the 570,000 viewer mark. Wild occurrences on the server are nothing new, as fellow streamer Ranboo can attest to, so initially, some people thought it was all part of the show.

From the looks of things though, it seems like the interruption was 100% unplanned and unscripted, with Tommy’s framerate dropping to Microsoft PowerPoint levels before he finally went offline temporarily.

Soon enough, the stream was back online after just a few minutes and the show went right on as if nothing had happened. Why exactly he went offline we may never know, but Tommy said he “had to go offline to drop more viewers,” and appease Twitch.

“Twitch was like, just crashing, seems to be when we get past the half a million point,” the streamer explained. “It literally seems like it once we got past half a million viewers.”

That downtime, brief as it was, was apparently enough of a surprise to make “tommy” one of the top trending topics on Twitter in no time at all, mostly wondering what the heck was going on, and if Dream had somehow orchestrated this whole thing.

Storywise, the YouTuber now finds himself trapped along with Dream in the inescapable prison cell, so you’ll just have to tune in next time to find out what happens to our heroes or if they’re able to escape.

Anyone who’s broadcast on Twitch before knows that technical difficulties like this can be a major pain, and potentially ruin a stream altogether.

So the fact that Tommy’s internet issued caused him to start trending on Twitter almost immediately just goes to show how popular the world Dream and his friends have created in Minecraft has really become.


TikToker goes viral for “winning” dumbest ever tattoo contest

Published: 23/Feb/2021 20:59

by Virginia Glaze


An unfortunate TikToker has gone viral after claiming she unofficially won the platform’s “dumbest tattoo” contest, thanks to getting some ink that has earned an entirely new meaning amid the current health crisis.

Whether it be an inspiring quote, a meaningful symbol, or even aesthetically beautiful artwork, people decide to decorate their bodies with tattoos for a wide variety of reasons.

However, one TikToker’s unique tattoo has made for a seriously awkward situation, thanks to the ongoing debates surrounding mask-wearing in some countries due to global health concerns.

The issue began when TikToker “wakaflockafloccare” decided to get a tattoo with a quote that initially inspired her to be herself, rather than putting on a fake persona. The message reads: “Courageously and radically refuse to wear a mask” — a phrase that, ironically, boasts a highly controversial meaning these days.

Man wearing surgical mask
Unsplash.com: Corina Rainer, @corinarainer
A TikToker’s tattoo about being true to herself now has a different meaning amid the current global health crisis.

In response to another TikToker’s video asking users, “What’s the dumbest tattoo you’ve ever gotten?” she had a hilarious answer: “I’m just gonna go ahead and let you guys know that I won.”

“I wanted it for a couple years,” the TikToker explained. “It basically means, like, being true to yourself and real, and not, like, pretending to be something you’re not.”

While this sentiment would obviously not be most people’s choice for a tattoo these days, the TikToker revealed that she’d gotten her ink done on March 4, 2020, just before health restrictions and social distancing went into place.

@wakaflockafloccar##stitch with @hannanicbic I could NOT have had worse timing. ##fyp ##foryoupage ##tattoo ##worsttattoo ##winner P.S. I’m not anti-mask I promise 🤦🏻‍♀️♬ original sound – wakaflockafloccare

Unsurprisingly, the video has amassed a huge amount of buzz since being uploaded just a day ago, gaining over 1 million views and 215,000 likes — as well as a slew of sympathetic (and hilarious) comments.

“I’m so sorry that the context of your tattoo literally changed overnight after you got it!” one user wrote.

“Well, you have a great attitude about it,” another commented. “May I suggest adding a line? ‘Hindsight is 2020!’”

Commenters on mask Tattoo
TikTok: @wakaflockaflocare
Commenters were quick to offer some creative suggestions to improve the TikToker’s unfortunate tattoo.

The TikToker clarified that she is not part of any anti-health movement and “could NOT have had worse timing.” While there’s no word yet on if she’ll edit the quote with some creative qualifiers, as suggested by commenters, her situation makes for a unique — and quite humorous — moment in history.