Team Dream win Minecraft Championship Pride 2022: Results and final standings

MCC Pride 2022 logoNoxcrew/MCC

Dream’s team, the Red Rabbits, took home victory at Minecraft Championship Pride 2022, but how did everyone else get on? We’ve got the full results and final standings. 

As Minecraft tournaments and events have made a return in recent years, there’s none bigger than Minecraft Championship. Since 2019, some of the biggest names in Minecraft – including Dream, TommyInnit, GeorgeNotFound, TechnoBlade, and The Yogscast – have competed in a wide variety of mini-games across two seasons to crown champions.

On top of the seasonal games, there are also spin-off events where creators – whether they play Minecraft or not – get involved for a bit of fun, and to raise some money for charity.

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Over the last two years, MCC has hosted its own championship event during Pride Month, and it returned again on June 18 with Dream’s squad – the Red Rabbits – taking home the victory.

minecraft championship pride 2022MCC
The MCC Pride 2022 event was done alongside the Trevor Project charity.

Red Rabbits win MCC Pride 2022

That’s right, if you missed out on MCC Pride 2022, it was Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Karl Jacobs, and Foolish Gamers who took home the top spot after amassing a whopping 22320 coins.

The squad managed to grab wins in the Parkour Tag, Ace Race, and Hole in the Wall, before they beat out the Aqua Axolotls – TapL, Antfrost, GizzyGazza, and VelvetIsCake – in Dodgebolt. After losing the first game of Dodgebolt, the Red Rabbits swept home to a 3-1 victory, guaranteeing them the overall win.

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“WE WON! $10,893 to charity from our team coins!” Dream tweeted after his team’s win. “Over $145,000 raised overall by the @Noxcrew and @MCChampionship_ for an amazing cause with such an amazing event.”

MCC Pride 2022 final standings

As noted, Red Rabbits and Aqua Axolotls grabbed the top two spots in pretty dominant fashion, finishing almost 3000 coins ahead of third-placed Orange Ocelots.

You can find a full breakdown of the standings below.

Placing Team Total Coins
1st Red Rabbits 22320
2nd Aqua Axolotls 22422
3rd Orange Ocelots 19787
4th Yellow Yaks 19055
5th Cyan Coyotes 18466
6th Lime Llamas 15963
7th Pink Parrots 14688
8th Purple Pandas 13398
9th Blue Bats 7224
10th Green Geckos 6176

As noted, the regular season of the MCC will return before long, and it’ll be up to Dream’s squad to retain their crown.

Will they be able to do so? We’ll just have to tune in and find out.

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