Strongest Minecraft Dungeons mobs ranked: Endersent, Phantom & Charged Creeper

Minecraft Dungeons DLCMojang

Minecraft Dungeons is the first spin-off video game seen in the franchise and is only becoming more extensive as time goes by. So how many mobs are there and what mobs do you need to be steering clear of? We’ve got the answers here.

Despite the announcement of Minecraft Legends, Minecraft Dungeons is still going strong with its consistent updates and DLC additions. However, with the additions and the ever-evolving game comes brand new mobs for you to steer clear of.

With the game now in its second year since release, plenty of mobs have joined the fray. We’ve got just how many there are now and what the strongest Minecraft Dungeon mobs are so you can keep safe on the battlefield.

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How many mobs are there in Minecraft Dungeons?

Overall there are currently over 150 unique mobs to find or attack in Minecraft Dungeons.

Out of those 133 of them are hostile towards the player and include bosses, Illagers, and the classic enemies every Minecraft player knows and loves.

The others are passive mobs, other villagers, animals, and neutral mobs that won’t harm you on your adventure.

The strongest Minecraft Dungeon mobs, ranked

Minecraft Dungeons EndersentMojang
Fighting these mobs will be a challenge so tread carefully.

This list will not include Minecraft Dungeon bosses since they are different entities. Nevertheless, here are the strongest Minecraft Dungeon mobs.

Chicken Jockey

If spider jockeys were horrible in Minecraft, Chicken Jockeys are even worse. They’re unnaturally quick and can take your health down bit by bit. They may not have a heavy hit but it’s enough to hurt you and your team, especially with a Chicken Jockey tower.

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Royal Guard

Many would think a Royal Guard would be passive, protecting you instead of the Arch-Illager. Unfortunately, they are anything but passive. They can pack a punch and have a shield to block your initial damage. Don’t underestimate these armored enemies.

Charged Creeper

Creepers are deadly mobs in Minecraft Dungeons, so combine the normal creeper and let them charge the damage they can deal. That’s when you have a problem, especially if there are other mobs around you to prevent you from getting to the Charged Creeper quickly. Avoid these at all costs or it could easily spell the end.


The name may sound cute but these mobs are anything but. They are easily one of the most powerful mobs in Minecraft Dungeons and can take you out from close range or long range. This mob teleports when you get too close which can be frustrating. On top of that, the quick projectiles can be extremely damaging and should be dodged if possible.

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This Enderman variant is not a mob to ignore. They look as terrifying as they hit and should be either avoided at all costs or taken down first. In fact, they have the highest strength of any powerful mob in the game and can deal some devastating damage if you let them.


Phantoms can be easily avoided in standard Minecraft, but are much harder to sleep away in Minecraft Dungeons. They only appear when a hero dies in multiplayer and only come out at night.

The only issue, you can’t hit or kill it but it can easily take you down. Rather than fighting it, you need to revive your teammate before it spells the end of the game. They don’t hit as hard as an Endersent but the invulnerability is extremely tough.

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Those are all the mobs in Minecraft Dungeons along with some of the strongest enemies you need to avoid. While hunting these tough mobs, take a look at some of our other handy Minecraft guides:

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