PewDiePie stunned after discovering his Minecraft account was hacked

PewDiePie looks at his computer monitor.YouTube: PewDiePie

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg was floored after discovering that his Minecraft account had been hacked. The Swedish star’s latest upload was interrupted when he realized trolls had compromised his in-game character.

In 2019, PewDiePie made his epic return to gaming with the launch of his wildly popular Minecraft series. The Swede even created a cast of characters and a story for the YouTube series, before concluding it in May.

On September 16th, the star decided to revisit the sandbox game, however quickly discovered that his account had been hacked. The 30-year-old was left confused by the changes the trolls made to his character.

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pewdiepie minecraft hackedYouTube: PewDiePie
PewDiePie’s in-game character skin was hacked.

PewDiePie’s Minecraft account hacked

PewDiePie’s return to Minecraft began with a rough start when he immediately realized his in-game character looked different. “Wait what is this? What the hell is that? Sven, what happened to my f**king face!?” he exclaimed as he took a closer look at his player skin.

The creator joked that his character looked like a p**is, before removing his armor which revealed that the skin was now entirely a photo of him in real life. Pewds broke into laughter and said, “No, no! Sven don’t look at me. Why!? Who did this? How did this happen? Did someone hack my Minecraft account? Oh no, someone hacked my account!”

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The YouTuber confirmed that his account had been indeed compromised, as someone had changed his login name and skin. He then confessed to his viewers that he had “the sh**tiest password.”

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Kjellberg unfortunately realized that he would have to wait another 29 days before he could change his account name again. “No! Noooo! That’s just uncalled for, man. You can change my skin, but don’t change my name. Why would someone do this, and not change the password!?”

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Over on the r/pewdiepiesubmissions subreddit, internet sleuths allegedly found a video of the hacker changing the YouTuber’s account. Although it’s not entirely clear at the time of writing whether this is legitimate.

Reddit users think they found the hacker behind the Minecraft prank.

While it’s likely that PewDiePie has lost his old Minecraft name forever, thankfully the prankster didn’t change his password or even worse – delete his account.

Despite the setback, the content creator resumed his return adventure with Sven, and even ventured into the Nether where he scored some incredibly dangerous Ender rocks.

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