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PewDiePie “quits” Minecraft after spectacular Nether mount fail

Published: 6/Apr/2020 21:26 Updated: 7/Apr/2020 13:00

by Brent Koepp


During his March 6 Minecraft episode, YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg’s attempt to ride the new Nether mount ended in spectacular fashion.

After years of waiting, Minecraft players finally got a major overhaul to the game with the Nether Update. The 1.16 version of the title adds biomes, NPCs, materials, and more.


However, PewDiePie’s journey to ride the new Strider mount didn’t go how he planned. The Swede’s hilarious attempt to travel on the creature quickly went down in flames.

PewDiePie’s mount attempt goes down in flames

Fresh off the YouTuber’s fans making memes about his Netherite mistake in a previous episode, he vowed to his viewers that he would finally obtain the precious material.


However a couple of seconds into getting to the Nether, he got distracted by the new Strider mounts that walk on lava and attempted to ride them. “So I made fun of these last time. Anything that walks on lava shouldn’t live!” he exclaimed.

“This is a little scary, I’m not gonna lie. Feel like I could die like any second. We have to get out to them,” he said as he made his way down to the bottom towards the lava’s edge. As he laid down blocks to make a path, he said, “Oh God. Oh, that’s scary, I don’t like this.”

YouTube: PewDiePie
The Swedish YouTuber gritted his teeth as he made his way across the lava floor.

Pewds took a couple of steps when out of nowhere a mount abruptly spawned from out the lava and knocked him over to his death. He screamed in Swedish as he reloaded his save file.


“I’m going to ride those things! Where did he even come from?!” he asked as he made his way back across the lava. He finally managed to throw a saddle on a Strider and sat on top of it. He celebrated his new mount after attacking a Ghast and killing the enemy with his sword.

His enthusiasm was short lived, however, as the slow creature hardly moved, so the YouTuber decided he wanted to get off. “Take me back. I change my mind,” he said. He then hopped off and missed the path he had created and fell to his death. “I’m done. I’m stopping,” the 30-year-old exclaimed, quitting out of the game.

(Timestamp 03:53 for mobile users.)


While PewDiePie was clearly joking when he quit the game, the situation was understandably frustrating. The new mount requires a lot of risk, and isn’t exactly the best reward.

Despite the setback, the Swede is crushing it on YouTube with his weekly Minecraft videos. Viewers clearly love his adventures in Bro-land, as they continue to pull in millions of views.


Dellor shocked as Twitch finally unbans him after over a year

Published: 7/Oct/2020 14:54

by Calum Patterson


After just over one year following his permanent ban from Twitch, dellor’s channel has been reinstated on the platform. The former Overwatch pro now says it’s his “second chance.”

Matt ‘dellor’ Vaughn has had a turbulent streaming career – he was dropped from his Overwatch team, Toronto Esports, after a racist outburst, effectively ending his career as a pro player.


Then, in 2019, he was banned from Twitch after telling his female teammate in Apex Legends to “cook a sandwich.” This ban originally earned him an indefinite suspension, before it was reduced to 30 days.

Upon his return however, his partnership had been revoked, leaving him without a sub button, seriously impacting his income. Then, in October 2019, dellor was “banned indefinitely for “self-harm” for breaking a keyboard on stream.”


Dellor streaming on Twitch

This ban prompted the hashtag #freedellor on Twitter, as fans thought the permanent ban was harsh. But, Twitch kept firm, and dellor eventually moved to streaming on YouTube instead.

He pleaded with Twitch to allow him back onto the platform on a handful of occasions. Finally, on October 6, seemingly out of the blue, dellor’s channel was reinstated, and his ban lifted.

“I had given up all hope,” dellor said on Twitter. “After everything I have said about them, Twitch actually unbanned me.”


His channel, complete with over 550,000 followers (and likely more as Twitch rebuilds the follow count after a suspension), is fully intact.

This doesn’t mean though that he will necessarily return to streaming on Twitch though. Being unbanned on the platform at least means he is able to play with friends who are streaming on Twitch themselves.

He is still not partnered on the platform and does not have a subscribe button. He will still be able to earn money through donations, but to access subscriptions or bits will need to become a Twitch affiliate.


However, if he wants to become a partner again, it would mean stopping his YouTube streams altogether, where he has now built up a following since his time away from Twitch.