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PewDiePie mortified after making “worst mistake ever” in Minecraft

Published: 13/Mar/2020 21:11 Updated: 13/Mar/2020 21:15

by Brent Koepp


YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg was left comically disturbed when he made what he called the “worst mistake ever” in Minecraft. 

PewDiePie continues to be the top content creator on YouTube with hundreds of millions of subscribers to his channel. The Swede made his return to gaming in 2019 with the launch of his wildly successful Minecraft series.

However during his latest upload, the entertainer was mortified when he made a mistake involving his in-game pet Sven. The misstep had him feeling hilariously uncomfortable.

PewDiePie makes “worst” mistake in Minecraft

The YouTuber’s Minecraft videos became a cultural phenomena in 2019 as viewers flocked to watch his adventures in the sandbox title. From a vibrant cast of characters, to over the top plot lines, his series is extremely entertaining for fans.

But during his March 13 upload, the Swedish star made his own skin crawl after an accidental error. Opening up the episode, he yelled “I have made the worst mistake ever made in Minecraft! Do you hear me!” jokingly.

“I can’t believe I made this mistake!” he said before breaking into laughter. The camera then panned over to his in-game dog Sven and he apologized to the canine. “Sven, I’m so sorry man!”

YouTube: PewDiePie
The Swedish YouTuber was mortified by his mistake involving his Minecraft dogs.

Pewds began to make a gagging sound before sticking his tongue out. “How do I say this. Basically, I forgot who this dog was. So I accidentally made him breed with Sven. Look at him, he’s traumatized!” he said, turning the camera back to the pooch.

He then made the horrifying revelation that the dog Sven bred with was none other than his son. “I can’t even say it! I made Sven frick his son! Ahhh!” he screamed before laughing.

Turning towards the baby canine, he exclaimed, “You’re a child of satan. You are not supposed to live!” He then lashed out at the council of Water Sheep – a group of God-like creatures in his series lore – and blew their water temple up.

Still disgusted with his mistake, the Swede decided to end his latest episode early. The whole thing was in good fun of course, and is an example of how bizarre and over-the-top his Minecraft lore can get.

The Swedish star has continued to crush it on YouTube, as his month-long break in January hasn’t seem to have impacted him at all. Since his return, his videos have been pulling in millions of views.


All sword enchantments in Minecraft and what they do

Published: 19/Jan/2021 16:50

by James Busby


Minecraft’s world may be full of color and charm, but there are also a number of deadly enemies that inhabit each biome. Luckily, there are a number of sword enchantments you can use to keep your foes at bay. 

Whether you’re looking to quickly cut down hordes of pillager patrols or wishing to beat the game’s Ender Dragon boss, you’ll want to kit your characters out with Minecraft’s best sword enchantment. Not only does imbuing your sword with various enchantments raise its damage, it also provides you with game-changing buffs and effects. 

From enchantments that knock your foes back to those that increase mob drops, there are plenty of magical properties that can turn Minecraft’s humble sword into the ultimate weapon. However, knowing which enchantment to use can be a little tricky, so make sure you check out the description below to find out what each one does. 

All Minecraft Sword enchantments


Knockback enchantment
Mojang Studios / Minecraft wiki
Knockback is useful when you just wish to avoid Minecraft’s mobs.

The Knockback enchantment is incredibly useful for those that wish to put distance between themselves and their enemies. Just one lethal blow will send even the fiercest of foes flying backward. Knockback can be leveled up twice, which will enable the player to send mobs a total of six blocks away. 

Combine Knockback with a bow to quickly take down your foes before they can get to your or send them spiraling into the abyss below. 

Fire Aspect

Fire Aspect enchantment
Mojang Studios / wattles
Set your enemies ablaze with the Fire Aspect enchantment.

As the name suggests, Fire Aspect imbues the sword with red hot flames. This enchantment sets the target ablaze for up to four seconds, forcing any enemies hit to take burning damage for the duration. 

While the majority of Minecraft’s mobs will take damage from Fire Aspect’s flames, there are a few that are immune to its scorching hot slashes. Nether exclusive mobs are naturally resistant to fire, so it’s often best to avoid using this enchantment if you wish to slay them. 

Additionally, any enemies killed with the Fire Aspect sword will drop cooked meat, making it the perfect meal prep weapon. 

Bane of Arthropods

Bane of Arthropods enchantment
Mojang Studios / Minecraft wiki
Minecraft’s creepy crawlies are no match for this sword buff.

Bane of Arthropods increases the amount of damage dealt to spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, Bees, and Endermites. This makes it the perfect enchantment for cave exploring and doing general foraging in the early stages of the game. 

This damage buff can be applied to both sword and pickaxes, giving intrepid explorers an incredibly reliable way to deal with low-level mobs. Bane of Arthropods can be leveled up to a maximum of five times, increasing the damage with every level gained. 


Looting enchantment
Mojang Studios / Minecraft wiki
Getting rarer loot from enemies is always a bonus.

Whether you’re looking to farm specific mobs or just wish to be rewarded with more materials for your heroic efforts, then the Looting enchantment will enable you to do just that. To make matters even better, this enchantment will also increase the drop rate of rarer monster materials. Be sure to use the Looting Enchantment to help speed up your monster hunting sessions. 


Unbreaking enchantment
Mojang Studios
Unbreaking will help with your sword’s durability.

Weapon and tool breakage is a part of the Minecraft loop. Even the best items eventually break, but the Unbreaking enchantment will help to decrease the deterioration of your weapons, tools, and armor. While Unbreaking doesn’t guarantee that specific items won’t break, it does greatly increase the chances of the enchanted item’s durability not being reduced.

This is an extremely useful enchantment that is particularly useful when wanting your items to last that little bit longer. After all, constantly crafting new ones can get a little tiresome, especially when you need rarer materials to make them. 


Sharpness enchantment
Mojang Studios / wattles
Sharpness add even more damage to your sword’s swings.

Sharpness shares similarities to the Bane of Arthropods enchantment as it buffs your sword’s damage. However, unlike the insect-killing enchantment above, Sharpness deals extra damage to any enemy mob. 

This enchantment can be leveled up to five times, making this enchantment absolutely devastating when paired with the game’s most powerful swords and axes. 


Smite enchantment
Mojang Studios / Minecraft wiki
Smite deals extra damage to pesky undead mobs.

Minecraft’s undead enemies are some of the toughest in the game thanks to their high damage, so if you find yourself struggling to survive against the undead hordes, then the Smite attachment is a must. Smite can be leveled up to a total of five times, adding 2.5 extra damage to each hit. This makes dealing with Minecraft’s skeletons and zombies incredibly easy. 


Mending enchantment
Mojang Studios / Minecraft wiki
Repairing your sword will be a thing of the past with Mending.

Mending is extremely useful if you have a weapon you wish to permanently keep. This enchantment will automatically repair your weapons, tools, and armor whenever you absorb any experience orbs. 

Essentially, this allows the player to use their most prized possessions without the fear of breaking them. Consider using this enchantment when you’re gear is getting a little worse for wear. 

Curse of Vanishing

Curse of the Vanishing enchantment
Mojang Studios / Minecraft wiki
Curse of the Vanishing is one of the more situational Minecraft enchantments.

When a sword or piece of equipment is enchanted with Curse of Vanishing, it will disappear from the player’s world upon their death. You can mitigate this effect by simply dropping the imbued enchanted item on the floor before your health bar reaches zero. 

While this may seem rather extreme, this enchantment is great for those of you who enjoy playing on Minecraft’s PvP servers. 

Sweeping Edge

Sweeping Edge enchantment
Mojang Studios / Minecraft wiki
Sweeping Edge can get you out of even the trickiest situations.

While Minecraft’s generic sword jab is great at in 1v1 scenarios, it can leave you high and dry against hordes of enemies. We’ve all been in scenarios where a bunch of zombies or skeletons have caught us off guard. This can be particularly problematic when you’re busy exploring underground caverns or mining. 

After all, the lack of space makes dealing with multiple enemies rather difficult. Fortunately, Sweeping Edge enables you to deal even more damage to multiple foes in just one fell sword swing. 

By using all of these Minecraft sword enchantments, you’ll be able to tackle anything the game throws at you. Be sure to check out our other Minecraft guides here