PewDiePie comments on Dream's Minecraft cheating scandal: "This whole thing could have been avoided" - Dexerto

PewDiePie comments on Dream’s Minecraft cheating scandal: “This whole thing could have been avoided”

Published: 15/Jul/2021 23:00 Updated: 16/Jul/2021 5:01

by Brent Koepp


YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg revealed his thoughts on Dream’s infamous Minecraft speedrun scandal. The Swedish entertainer was critical of the 21-year-old’s actions and explained how he could have avoided the controversy. 

After months of accusations, Dream finally admitted to accidentally cheating during his record-breaking Minecraft speedrun in 2020. In a May 2021 post, he revealed that he mistakenly left mods in his files while playing the Mojang game.

YouTube’s biggest star PewDiePie reacted to the viral apology during his July 15th upload and explained why he found Dream’s behavior to be “interesting.” Kjellberg argued that the entire controversy could have been prevented.


PewDiePie playing Minecraft
YouTube: PewDiePie
The star gave his thoughts on Dream’s Minecraft scandal.

PewDiePie gives his take on Dream cheating in Minecraft

In his latest upload, PewDiePie reacted to the “10 biggest cheaters” in gaming. The clip ranged from Call of Duty streamers to FaZe Jarvis’ infamous Fortnite ban. While reluctant to make a comment about it, the YouTuber finally gave his take on Dream’s controversy.

“I think it’s interesting because Dream basically cheated in his speedrun in Minecraft. Even mathematicians who have nothing to do with Minecraft made videos on it. You do the math and realize there is no way he could have done it. And it became this whole spiel between Dream, the internet, and his fans defending him and people attacking him. I don’t want to drag that all up again,” he said.


Kjellberg then argued that Dream could have avoided the entire drama. “I just find it interesting how after so long, Dream admitted to cheating and that he had a mod that was giving him more favorable drop rates in the game. When he could have just admitted that right away. And be like “Oh, I realized I had that. My bad.” And this whole thing could have been avoided. He isn’t as bad as other [cheaters] though,” he continued.

(Topic starts at 9:54)

Pewds concluded his reaction by criticizing cheating in gaming. “It just takes out all the fun in the game. How badly do you want people to think you are good? I don’t get it,” he said, before joking, “From now on if someone kills me online, I’ll just assume you are cheating.”


PewDiePie sparks backlash with Dream’s fans

Only a couple of hours after his YouTube upload went live on July 15th, PewDiePie started trending on Twitter. Dream fans became upset by Kjellberg’s commentary on the Minecraft star and accused him of talking about the 21-year-old just to get views.

“When ur channel is slowly dying that u gotta use dream for clout. like what is the point of this,” a Dream fan wrote about PewDiePie’s video. Another tweeted, “I just f**king hate him.” One user even accused the star of chasing attention: “PewDiePie is only doing this for attention, views, and plus his channel is dying.”


Dream fans angry at PewDiePie

Dream responds to PewDiePie

Dream reacted to being featured in Pewds’ video with a joke. “Starts with me using PewDiePie for clickbait and ends with him using me for clickbait POG. the circle of youtube,” he tweeted. The Minecraft star then followed up the post by telling his fans that he isn’t actually upset. “No hard feelings to pewds either people are upset on my behalf, it’s all cool.”

Dream tweets about PewDiePie
Twitter: @dreamwastaken
Dream responded to PewDiePie with a series of joke tweets.

Despite the backlash from some in the community, many users came to Kjellberg’s defense and pointed out that Dream was a big fan of him and took inspiration from his Minecraft videos in 2019.


The 21-year-old confirmed this on Twitter and looked to calm down those angry at the YouTuber. Who knows, maybe there is a collaboration between the two content creators in the future? A Bro Land and Dream SMP crossover would be pretty epic.