NymN freaks out after Minecraft Hardcore run fails in spectacular fashion - Dexerto

NymN freaks out after Minecraft Hardcore run fails in spectacular fashion

Published: 17/Feb/2020 21:38

by Brent Koepp


Twitch streamer NymN was in the middle of a Minecraft broadcast when his eating habits led to an epic fail that sent his Hardcore mode run crashing to the ground.

Since its release in 2009, Minecraft’s Hardcore mode has claimed many save files of players who make the simplest of mistakes. From building your base in horrible locations, to falling into lava, we’ve seen it all.

However, Twitch personality NymN found his game coming to an end when his hunger for a snack on stream led to a classic mistake, proving that trying to juggle too many things in the Nether is a bad idea.


Mojang / Microsoft
The 2009 first-person sandbox game has gone on to become a cultural phenomena.

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NymN’s hardcore mode run ends in epic fail

The Swedish streamer booted up his Hardcore save file during his February 17 broadcast, and entered the Nether. While exploring the hell-like dimension that is deep beneath the surface, he started to snack on some chips.

However, things quickly became dicey when he dropped food down his shirt, which caused him too look down while his character walked right into a hole. His character quickly plunged to his death into the lava below.

The streamer immediately heard the sound of the fire and shot back up to look at his screen. “What the f**k happened!? What the f**k happened!?” he yelled with a mouth full of chips.


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He then screamed “Nooooo!” before slamming his hand on his desk. “F**king snackies! What happened!? Where did I fall?” he asked his chat, before rubbing his face with both hands.

The streamer’s viewers then informed him that he had fallen into a hole while looking down. He then explained, “I dropped a f**king snack on the ground. I was busy picking it up. Out of all the ways I die, this is how I go?”

Still stunned by his Hardcore save coming to an abrupt end, he said, “I spent a lot of time on this Hardcore run. Oh my God, I just looked down and heard that dreadful sound,” before gritting his teeth and letting out his frustrations.


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While NymN genuinely seemed disappointed by his game ending in such a fashion, he started a new save file after –setting himself up for more potential punishment.

If nothing else, this served as another example of what not to do in Minecraft – always keep your eyes peeled when in the Nether.  The streamer continues to grow his audience, and as of the time of writing has over 198k followers on his channel.