Mojang reveals Minecraft Legends coming to Xbox Game Pass 2023

. 19 days ago
minecraft legends feature image

Legendary video game studio Mojang revealed their upcoming action strategy game, Minecraft Legends, which features a brand new take on the popular survival sandbox world.

Since it was released in 2009, Minecraft has become one of the most popular video games of all time. With millions of active players and a regular cycle of massive content updates, players often ask where Minecraft will go next.

Fortunately, during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, a world premiere of Minecraft Legends answered just that. A new action strategy game takes players on an adventure in the Overworld like never before.

The trailer featured flashy cinematic cutscenes as well as a hearty helping of gameplay. Players ride on horseback while building forts, commanding armies of mobs, and battling against droves of Piglin enemies.

Minecraft Legends will launch exclusively on Xbox consoles, but will also be made available on PC via Game Pass and Steam. Xbox Game Pass members can play Minecraft Legends on launch.

Despite being set in the familiar Minecraft Overworld, players can look forward to a whole new experience. The trailer featured new mobs, some of which looked to be crafted by the player.

Players can build, loot, and battle to defend the Overworld when Minecraft Legends releases in 2023. Until then, check out our Minecraft hub for more news and guides.

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