Minecraft YouTuber SkydoesEverything accused of abuse and assault by ex-girlfriend

SkydoesEverything on YouTubeYouTube: SkydoesEverything

Minecraft YouTuber Adam ‘SkydoesEverything’ Dahlberg has been accused of years of domestic abuse by former partner Elizabeth, with police now actively investigating.

Popular Minecraft personality SkydoesEverthing, otherwise known as ‘NetNobody,’ has been accused of both emotional abuse and physical assault by his former partner.

A January 24 post from his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth recounted years of “trauma” caused by the internet celebrity. With dozens of pictures and videos attached as evidence, she revealed that police have been sent the same information and are investigating the claims.

“It’s time everyone knows the truth,” she said. “I’m tired of letting you get away with this.”

“You hurt me for too long,” Elizabeth said in a lengthy statement. “You not only verbally abused and degraded me, the mother of your second child, you traumatized me and put me through things no one should ever have to experience.”

SkydoesEverthing was accused of infidelity at various times throughout the relationship, with Elizabeth claiming she found “all the conversations” that led her to feel like “an object on the shelf.”

Beyond that, the YouTuber also allegedly ridiculed his ex-partner while she was pregnant. While late into her pregnancy, he supposedly clogged drains in their house, forcing her to “waddle to the store late at night just to use their restroom.”

“I would ask you not to smoke near me or in the house to keep the baby safe and you’d b**ch at my saying it’s your house,” she added.

SkydoesEverything on YouTubeYouTube: SkydoesEverything
SkydoesEverything has amassed over 11 million YouTube subscribers with his Minecraft content.

Tensions only appeared to escalate throughout the relationship, as SkydoesEverything became “meaner” and “angrier”. Elizabeth claimed: “It started getting scary. You started breaking sh** and throwing things.”

In one particular instance, after the YouTuber punched an object and injured his hands, he “started painting on the walls” with his blood. During that moment, he allegedly “elbowed [her] belly several times,” Elizabeth described. 

“You use your fame, your name,” she wrote, “and your platform to hide the disgusting and disgraceful things you so claim not to do.”

SkydoesEverything is yet to issue a response to the allegations shared by Elizabeth in the lengthy Twitter document upload.

“They deserve to know who you really are,” the Minecraft star’s ex-partner added towards the end of her post. “Before you trap somebody else.”