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Minecraft streamer devastated after terrible luck ruins hardcore save

Published: 18/Aug/2019 12:13

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamer Loeya was left furious after some bad luck with Minecraft cost her the chance to take on the game’s Ender Dragon and racking up an incredibly high score.

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Despite releasing back in 2009 in numerous test forms, Mojang’s Minecraft has had a popularity resurgence in mid 2019. YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has racked up millions of views with his solo playthrough, while other content creators and Twitch streamers have also jumped on board.

Some, like Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, have messed up in a big way due to a lack of experience, yet, the game even crushes the hopes and dreams of more seasoned players.


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MinecraftMinecraft’s has been around for nearly a decade and still remains incredibly popular.

During her August 17 stream, Loeya had been preparing to go ‘The End’ – a portion of the game that tasks players with defeating the Ender Dragon, the game’s most powerful adversary. The streamer prepared herself with a number of potions, trying to ensure that she had a safe landing before doing battle.

However, as she jumped through the Ender Portal, Loeya was given a tiny landing platform and promptly walked off – slowly falling to her death. “Are you shitting me?” she yelled. The streamer tried, in vain, to Ender Pearl herself skywards but failed and continued her descent to death. 


As she fell far enough, Loeya was killed by the game, ending her hardcore solo game after hours of hard work. In her frustration, the streamer even walked away from the stream – releasing her anger with another scream.

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Despite the annoyance, Loeya went back to analyze what had gone wrong with her quest. Using the creative cam, she quickly recognized that a platform had spawned.

“Nice spawn point brother,” she said, before realizing that she must have landed right on the edge of the platform – basically given no chance to see the floor beneath her. 

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Of course, with this being hardcore Minecraft, the hard work has to begin again from the start – unless you’ve managed to back your progress with a save. 

Yet, if you’re doing that, why not just play survival mode instead?