Minecraft adds SpongeBob SquarePants DLC: Here’s what’s included

Minecraft SpongeBob in front of the Krusty KrabMojang / Spark Universe

Minecraft recently announced a brand new SpongeBob SquarePants DLC and fans are already obsessed. Here’s everything it includes and how to get it.

One of the best things about Minecraft is the variety in which you get to play. No matter what style you can enjoy the endless creative world in front of you. This allows you to fight what you want, build what you want, and explore pre-made experiences with very little hassle.

One such pre-made experience that has recently graced the Marketplace is the new Minecraft SpongeBob SquarePants DLC. Rather than just being a few skins, it seems like this DLC will bring a world of enjoyment and a brand new experience. Here’s everything we know about it.

Embody Bikini Bottom in this Minecraft DLC.

What’s included in the Minecraft SpongeBob SquarePants DLC?

Created by Spark Universe, the new Minecraft SpongeBob SquarePants DLC seems to contain more than you’re average pack. Here’s what’s included.

New Minecraft Skins

One of the main elements you can get hold of in the Minecraft SpongeBob SquarePants DLC are beautiful brand-new skins.

Essentially, you get to impersonate your favorite members of Bikini Bottom such as Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, and even Spongebob. There are officially 40 skins available in this pack which allows you to truly find your favorite character.

New Minecraft Map

Thankfully, this is not just a skin pack that’s been hyped up, this is an entirely new experience brought through skids and a new world.

Ride rollercoasters, visit the Krusty Krab, live in the Pineapple under the sea, and just explore the beauty of Bikini Bottom in this expansive world. It brings everything you need to live our your SpongeBob-related dreams and enjoy the well-built world around you.

How to get the Minecraft SpongeBob SquarePants DLC

Getting hold of the Minecraft SpongeBob SquarePants DLC requires you to navigate to the Minecraft Marketplace or head to the games website.

Once there you will be able to buy it for 1340 coins. This will unlock the 40 skins and the brand new world. After purchasing, download it and enter the underwater world you know and love.

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