Minecraft releases April Fools update that adds chaotic voting feature

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Mojang has released a brand new April Fools Day Snapshot for Minecraft that incorporates a chaotic voting system to shake up the experience.

April 1, otherwise known as April Fools Day, has slowly but surely become a day when companies and organizations have fun and play tricks on their audiences surrounding whatever product they have to offer.

In the video games industry, many developers incorporate fun pranks into their games that alter the experience in silly ways, such as Overwatch 2 silly voice lines or SEGA’s free Sonic murder mystery game.

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Now, the Minecraft development studio Mojang has joined in on the fun and released a Snapshot update for April Fools Day which incorporates a random voting feature that can sporadically alters the world around players.

Minecraft releases April Fools Day update

Mojang announced the update, labeled Snapshot 23w13a_or_b, on the official Minecraft website. The news post explained that “We humans make 35,000 decisions a day… That amount of decisions is both upsetting and, frankly, appalling. These are decisions that you could be making in Minecraft!!”

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As such, the development team implemented a voting system that players can bring up by pressing the “V” key on PC. Upon creating a new world when playing with this Snapshot, every 30 seconds or so a prompt will appear that will read, “Started voting for Proposal…”

Players can then bring up the voting menu where the game will generate a random promp that players can vote to enact. For example, one prompt may say, “Change pitch of every sound by 149%” or “Set sky color in The Void to sapphire.”

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Fans have already stumbled across some crazy voting options like enabling the ‘Midas Touch’ which turns everything the player touches to gold, or French Mode which gives a player’s avatar a beret, a baguette and changes the language to French.

On top of all the fun new voting options, the 23w13a_or_b Snapshot also includes a ton of new additions to the game, like Mob Potions and a Moon Dimension.

In terms of April Fools pranks, it seems Mojang really went all out with Minecraft’s April 1, 2023 update. Interested players should definitely log on and try it out for themselves.

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