Minecraft preview patch notes: New armor trims, edit signs, archeology & more

Minecraft preview patch armor trimsMojang

A new Minecraft preview patch is here and has introduced some game-changing features, from new armor trims to buried structures. Here’s everything added in the Minecraft preview patch.

With the 1.20 update approaching, Minecraft has been filled with constant updates, particularly through the games preview, which allows players to take a look at what the new update has to offer before it’s fully released to the game. You can join in on the action through our handy guide.

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Now, a new patch has arrived, only this time it introduces changes to biomes, signs, armor trims, archeology, and so much more. Here are the Minecraft preview patch notes.

Major changes in Minecraft preview patch

Minecraft sign changesMojang
You’ll now be able to edit, and use both sides of signs.

There are plenty of features coming in the Minecraft preview patch, but some will undoubtedly shine brighter than others.

Sign editing

Nothing is worse than writing out the perfect sign only to click away and find you’ve misspelled something. Luckily now, you’ll be able to edit your signs, even after placing them in your world. On top of this, you can now have different text and colors on each side of the sign.

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Don’t worry, you can seal the sign with beeswax to ensure none of your friends mess with your sign while you’re hunting mobs.

Five new armor trims

Introduced for the 1.20 update, Armor trims are a perfect way to show off your travels, and look fantastic at the same time.

Mojang has now added five new Armor Trims. These include four armor trims found in the Trail Ruins and one in the Ancient City.

Archeology additions

On the topic of Archeology, plenty of new features have been introduced. These include a brand new buried structure named the Trail Ruins, new pottery shards, and some brand new biomes for you to find that Suspicious Sand.

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All Minecraft preview patch notes

Minecraft update 1.20Microsoft
Minecraft armor trims are perfect for changing the look of your avatar.

Below are all the changes being made in the patch:

Calibrated Sculk Sensors

  • A new variant of Sculk Sensors which allows you to filter vibrations based on their frequency level. They are not found naturally and can only be crafted
  • They can be crafted with 1 Sculk Sensor and 3 Amethyst Shards in the Crafting Table
  • One side of the Calibrated Sculk Sensor can receive a Redstone signal as input
    • The strength of that Redstone signal is the only vibration frequency the Sculk Sensor will listen to

Vibration Resonance

  • Blocks of Amethyst have a new behavior when placed adjacent to Sculk Sensors
    • If that Sculk Sensor receives a vibration, the Block of Amethyst will re-emit its frequency as a separate vibration at its location
    • This behaviour is called Vibration Resonance, and allows players to move vibration frequencies across long distances without having to recreate the vibration naturally

Sign Improvements

  • Signs have improved customization options
  • Sign text can now be edited after being placed in the world
    • This can be done by interacting with the Sign
  • Both sides of the Sign can now have separate text and colors, allowing for further customization options
    • By default, a Sign will prompt you to input the front side’s text when placed
    • To apply text to the back-side, you must walk to the other side and interact with that face to edit it
  • Signs can now also be waxed with Honeycomb, preventing any further edits to its text

Armor Trims

  • Added 5 new armor trims

New armor trim smithing templates have been added to the following structures:

  • Trail Ruins
    • Wayfinder Armor Trim
    • Raiser Armor Trim
    • Shaper Armor Trim
    • Host Armor Trim
  • Ancient City
    • Silence Armor Trim

The following changes have been made to existing Armor Trims:

  • Dune Armor Trim now has a brand-new pattern and Smithing Template icon
  • Dune Armor Trim’s old pattern is now used by the Sentry Armor Trim
    • A new icon has been made for the Sentry Armor Trim smithing template to fit this pattern
  • Sentry Armor Trim’s old pattern is now used by the new Shaper Armor Trim


  • Added the Trail Ruins, a buried structure from a lost culture
  • Added Suspicious Sand to Warm Ocean Ruins
  • Added Suspicious Gravel to Cold Ocean Ruins
  • Added 16 Pottery Shards (Now 20 Pottery Shards in total)
    • These have been distributed between the five Archaeology sites: Desert Wells, Desert Temples, Cold Ocean Ruins, Warm Ocean Ruins, and Trail Ruins
  • Looted items should now reveal themselves properly from suspicious blocks when brushed, regardless of which item is contained

Cherry Blossom Biome

  • New petal particles for Cherry Leaves
  • Pink Petals now make a sound when adding more petals to them
  • The sound “step.pink_petals” is now in the “Players” category instead of “Blocks”

Accessibility Features

  • Temporarily reverted the recent adjustments made to Potion effect colors, as they were not compatible with custom content nor with the textures used for Potions and Tipped Arrows
  • Focus indicator is now automatically visible on menu items while using a keyboard


  • The player’s camera no longer appears inside blocks when sprint and swim are held
  • Players are now forced to stop flying when forced into a 1.5 block tall space

Vanilla Parity

  • Shipwreck supply chests are no longer missing Moss Block as loot


  • Wishlist feature has been added so that players can now so that players can save things to purchase at a later time


  • Fixed clipping error inside Hopper


  • Mobs will again take damage when standing on an incomplete block next to a Campfire


  • Fixed a bug that caused the text on Signs not to be displayed with Ray Tracing enabled

Touch Controls

  • Enabled the new stack splitting UI

User Interface

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the My Packs tab with a broken pack
  • New first-time sign in screen will no longer appear on subsequent launches if you don’t sign in
  • Fixed an issue where a gamepad icon would overlap the “Feedback” window
  • Fixed an issue where selecting an item in the Creative inventory would snap the cursor to the search bar
  • Updated designs for sign in and sign up screens
  • Fixed duplicate tooltips appearing when selecting item in the inventory while using touch controls
  • Fixed a bug where the crosshair could be visible on the new death screen
  • Fixed a bug where text formatting codes would be shown on the new death screen


  • Fixed issues with UI not scaling properly when the resolution or game window size is updated.
  • Item drops have been disabled in Editor. This allows for Undo/Redo and Cut/Copy/Paste to work properly.  Items will no longer be left floating in the world.
  • Fixed a bug where Tool mode would use the 3 person camera if it was the active camera. when switching from Crosshair mode. The 1 person camera is always used in Tool mode.
  • Fixed issues where camera control was disabled when using a Nether or End Portal in Crosshair mode.
  • Removed the old stonecutter and Nether reactor core from the block picker.


  • Changed the debug HUD text available in Preview & Beta builds to append “RTX” to the renderer information only when RTX content is being played instead of when the GPU is capable of running RTX content. As a consequence, the DXR-capable D3D12 backend will now report itself as “D3D12+”


  • Signs
    • Fixed an issue where text set on Signs using setText wasn’t reflected on Signs on the client until the Sign was reloaded
    • getComponent(‘minecraft:sign’) now works with Hanging Signs

The following APIs have been moved from beta to stable @minecraft/server (1.1.0):

  • dimension
  • typeId
  • getVelocity()
  • location
  • getHeadLocation()
  • nameTag
  • id
  • getViewDirection()
  • getEntities
  • getEntitiesAtBlockLocation
  • getPlayers
  • EntityQueryOptions
  • EntityQueryScoreOptions
  • GameType
  • getPlayers

Gametest Framework

  • Added two new commands:
    • /gametest stopall used to manually stop all tests while they are running
    • /gametest runsetuntilfail used to run a set of tests but will automatically stop if any of the tests fail

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