Minecraft player plays ultimate prank with huge mystery QR code

by David Purcell


Minecraft puts players in a world where building is encouraged and imaginations can be stretched, but one player has used all of that to make possibly the best prank in history for those visiting their save. 

The game has been constantly refreshed by developers Mojang in recent years, allowing members of the game's online community to take building to new heights time and time again.


With the potential of the game being only as big as your imagination, one player brought together their design skills and one of the world's best memes to take their save to another level.

Some might construct huge highways, houses, even castles. But, wait until you see what this user made.


Minecraft art
Mojang / Microsoft
Unsuspecting Minecraft players might not even see this prank coming.

Minecraft player builds a meme tower

If there's one thing our flashy mobile devices can do better than anything else, it's read QR codes. By hovering over them with your iPhone or Android device, it will register a website or link and take you right there.

Sounds good, right? This Minecraft player – who goes by the name of Koofmich on Reddit – used the feature to catch people out.

As seen below, they have put together an insanely huge Minecraft QR code building. When anybody decides to take advantage and scan it in, they will be met with the viral RickRoll'd meme that is just about hated by everybody on the internet.


They said: "Left this Rickroll QR code at a random place in my realm, let's see who is going to fall to it," before adding: "It was a nightmare making it lol. my brain hurt a lot."

What is the RickRoll'd meme video?

If you have never seen this prank before, the video shown below plays when the QR code is scanned.

It shows Rick Astley singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up', as it's a cropped version of the official music video. Not bad to listen to at first, but get caught in the Astley trap a few times and it's not a good feeling.



This meme just keeps living on in different mediums, and has tricked many a Twitch streamer in its time.

If Minecraft players are now catching people out with QR codes, it begs the question of who will be tricked next. Maybe try it on a friend, and see how they react!