Minecraft developers tease new boss character for future update

Minecraft new boss characterMojang Studios

In a cryptic YouTube video, Mojang developers teased that a new Minecraft boss character may arrive in a future game update.

The Warden counts as the last major boss to invade the world of Minecraft. Though blind, this menacing mob can detect its enemies through vibration.

As such, players who’d rather avoid facing off against the hostile creature find it best to sneak around when one happens to lurk nearby.

With the anticipation for Minecraft Update 1.20 (aka Trails and Tales) constantly building, fans are wondering what boss creature will join the sandbox world next.

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Mojang teases a brand-new boss character for Minecraft

In an “Ask Mojang” video responding to fan questions, the studio addressed whether or not it has plans for another Minecraft boss.

The brief video stops short of offering a concrete answer, but the indistinguishable rumblings of a mystery villager lead some to believe that a new boss is indeed in the works.

If Mojang Studios does plan on unleashing a new boss character in Minecraft, there is no word on when it may appear. However, the Trails and Tales update seems as good of a guess for such a release as any.

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The update in question will introduce a host of previously unseen features, including archaeology, the Cherry Blossom biome, camel blobs, and bamboo blocks and rafts.

At the time of writing, Mojang Studios has yet to confirm a launch date for Minecraft Version 1.20. It’s expected to become available sometime this summer, though. Should such speculation prove accurate, it may not be long before players find out what Minecraft’s next major boss character entails.

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